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  1. Yes I must admit the 'found this in the loft' got me revved up and yes on further inspection it's a dud! Thanks guys 👍
  2. The pickup is very light, being a single coil with not much output ... but when cranked and eq'ed it sound's quite funky and tight, not too trebly, nor too muddy ... somewhere in the middle, but still with good low end responce! I may experiment with other pickups when I have time ... but it ain't really broke!
  3. Cheers Graham, I see that now ... he want's £150 for it, so quite happy to walk away from it + too far to travel to go get it!
  4. Any clues on this please, it's being offered to me with owner not knowing much about it. He says he found it in his loft. From my own investigation online, I can't see anything close that matches it, as regards to the bridge and especially the headstock, which looks like a P51 with the tuners repositioned (quite well) at some point and truss rod adjust at the body end! Is it for real, or a botched up fake me wonders ... Any help welcomed ...
  5. Can't see the photos?? ... think I may have the same one though!
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