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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FBZAiqArPSBhUibqIkFEKytnit7Z8-IT/view?usp=sharing Done
  2. UK is ok I'm planning to do this but I still can't find time to sit in a quiet and focused state of a mind. Scale length = 34 String spacing = about 19mm
  3. NEW PRICE 700 !!!! Sound Samples: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FBZAiqArPSBhUibqIkFEKytnit7Z8-IT/view?usp=sharing Sample order: Neck Flat - Neck EQ - Both Flat - Both EQ - Bridge Flat - Bridge EQ Body: Afzelia(front) + Sycamore Thin Layer + Bubinga(back) Construction: Neck-Through-Body Fingerboard: Ebony with Blue Led Dots Neck: Shedua with Flamed Sycamore Strips Scale: 34 String spacing: around 19mm Tuners: Gotoh Pickups: EMG 40J + EMG40J Electronics: EMG BQC System 9V (Vol - Balance - Stack Mid/MidFreq - Stack Treble/Bass) Bridge: Brass Hipshot A Style Shaller Straplocks Included Hard Case Included Weight around: 5.1kg / 11lbs The bass recently came back from the luthier: The old keys were replaced with new Gotohs Old Schaller Bridge was replaced with a new Hipshot A Style Electronics upgraded to 18V One EMG 40DC replaced by EMG 40P5 New frets Fingerboard sanding before placing new frets Setup for 45-100 + 135 strings Bass is located in Poznań, Poland. I'd prefer to keep it EU only. Money adjustment to be discussed.
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