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  1. That's what I thought, not sure where to go next!
  2. Alone! It gets louder when the eq and blend are used obviously, I just expected it to be reasonably loud flat.
  3. Hi all, took delivery of an Orange Crush Bass 50 last week and with all eq set to noon and blend/ gain off the volume is not that impressive with the bass volume and amp volume at max. I'm playing in a room that's about 12 by 9 feet in size. Am I expecting to much from 50W?
  4. Hi Steve, just into Bass and looking forward to getting a slightly smaller amp
  5. Reluctant sale but its too big for the house. Immense bass sound. It didn't look that big when I picked it up! 120W amplifier with a 15" speaker. All controls and inputs/outputs work. the silver cap is missing from the treble control but this has no effect on performance. Dimensions are W - 53cm, D - 35cm and H - 65cm £35
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