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  1. Hi I´m donwsizing my rig. I had a Markbass Supercombo K1. But now almost every gig is IEM.. So the Supercombo is just too big for practice at home. So now i´m looking for a new small rig. I recently picked up a Genzler Magellan 350 and now need a cab for it. Main purpose is practice at home and with a musical drummer and the occasional gig in a coffeshop, church or small other setting. Otherwise i have PA-support. I´m used to the big full sound from the supercombo. I realise that I can´t get that from a small cab. But i really like it to have a small footprint. So please tell me of your experiences and side by side comparisons of the Eich, Genzler, Barefaced or any other cab that fits my wishlist. I´m not stuck on 110. Phil jones 5 or 112 is ok, but I´d like it to be a small cab. (Barefaced seems really good but if the Eich stacks up well then the additonal customs and VAT since brexit is a pity..)
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