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  1. If you know the song 'panic station', how does Chris do that strumming part of the slap riff on the g and d strings on the 19th frets? Is he literally just strumming them?
  2. 'Richard' I'm dying lmao
  3. I wrote s**t and it's been changed to stinky poo wtf does this site not allow cursing? Coz that is not my predictive text lmao
  4. Muse panic station whilst figuring out how to play it lol
  5. Bassfingerer


    I'm new here. So yeah. Hello. I've been playing for over a year now, I have 2 basses ( a 5 string and a standard 4 string) and I can play muse - hysteria so I'd say I'm pretty good. I can't slap for stinky poo tho😄 I'm here to learn to slap... Which I realise out of context sounds wrong lol
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