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  1. I’m from a small town called Hope, Indiana. I somehow just surfed in to basschat, and thought I’d give it a go. A little bit about me, if I must brag(?) heheh I’ve been playing bass since my high school band in 1964. Those were good days. I used a 1963 Fender Jazz Bass with a blond Bass-man piggyback amp. Didn’t keep them, although I still have the replacement Jazz Bass I bought in 1971 Right now, I’m in the process of dusting off some old effects pedals to see if there is anything interesting. Also, I’m reading up on the effects thread in BC forum; here of course. I’m piddling with my Zoom B3 from yesteryear; so it’s out of the drawer. I thought, though, that I’d like to roundup some of my single pedals together plus some new ones, of course, and replace my old wooden board with a new, commercial board. See ya in the effects shed. Also see ya in the bass shed, music shed, and rest shed. Rest is important.
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