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  1. This is a great sounding cab that was used by bassists and guitarists alike although the ported models like this were more frequently used by bassists. It's circa 1979 - 1983 I believe. It works great and has the original grille cloth, it's in decent cosmetic condition a few nicks in the tolex and some discolouration here and there, the corner protectors have a few dings. I've been wanting to restore it for years as it wouldn't take much but it still looks great as it is and with a new baby I just don't have the time amid many other projects! It's a 2 x 10" cab, here is some basic info from the bluebook of guitar values website. - regular or Electro-Voice speakers, 4 ohm impedance, bottom ported cabinet, black covering, silver grille, 26.375 in. wide, 22.375 in. tall, 13 in. deep, 52 lbs., mfg. circa 1978-1983. The speakers have a black sticker on the back that I haven't removed. Some research seems to suggest the standard speakers were Jensens rebadged, so not sure if these are the Jensens or Electro-Voice upgrade option. Either way it's got a great vintage tone with plenty of heft. I've used it for both bass and guitar. It sounded great on guitar through my old WEM and Fender amps. There's lots of info out there if you want to do more digging. This item is collection only. I do not currently have any suitable amps for testing so if you'd like to view and test you'll have to bring something. Cash on collection please. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Hi I've got a Music Man 210 RH Cab that I got off our old bass player many moons ago. It sounds great, I've used it for bass and guitar but having just had a baby I'm trying to get rid of some stuff to make space! I always presumed it was designed for bass because of it's ported design but as I've started looking into selling it I've seen some people listing it as a guitar cab, or was it designed to be both. Some of the things I've read seem to suggest that things being specifically for guitar or bass is a more recent thing? I've included a picture from google, mine is in better nick. Any thoughts welcome, many thanks. Ben
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