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  1. I know this will sound odd but I'm searching the web for answers to a question that is bugging me. I went to Basstech in Acton circa 88'/89. Had lessons with Rob Burns and loved every minute of it. I played a load of the workshops for Guitartech as I just bunked school. I've had a tune banging around in my head for years. A slap bass tune that sounds a lot like Jaco's Chicken but the melody is played on sax. Played it at that pub round the corner from Basstech on one of their band nights. Please - anybody name that tune so I can die in peace. Cheers J
  2. what would you reccomend as an alternative set and active tone that would work? J
  3. Hey! Anyone have a Washburn Status bass? I recentley bought an old one and the pickups have been swapped out and it seems the active tone circuit is gone. Works fine but I would like to find some of the original kit to put back in so I can look and sound like every other Mark King fan in my bedroom mirror whilst happily slapping away to Love Games. Tally ho! Cheers, J
  4. Hi there chaps! Old thread but I hope someone out there is still listening... I went to The Bass Institute in 88 and had lessons with Rob, Terry etc. I used to skip school and just play workshops all day long - brilliant. I was about 15 at the time. Did the 10 week evening course and eventually ended up buying a Wal 5 string which I still have today. I have a question - does anyone have any of the workshop notation charts from that time? I played a jazz/funk tune in a workshop that had loads of slap and it was a sax melody. Alan Limbrick loved playing this tune. I for the life of me can't remember the damn name of the song and it's driving me insane. I can still sing the melody and even still slap the bassline. This is a bonkers long shot but if anyone can help I'd be able to sleep at night! Cheers, J
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