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  1. Thanks, uk_lefty. Definitely looking at second-hand. My $$ is a Rockbass, so not a true German model - built elsewhere, I believe. As for 'spanky toys' , I think that's for another forum! Much obliged for input. Nibbos
  2. Hi all, Just fishing for opinions and thoughts on the Warwick Rockbass Corvette $$ (4-string, Nirvana Black) and similarly-priced alternatives. I currently own the Rockbass but don't play it that much. Instead I prefer the Overwater Tanglewood Aspiration Standard Plus (which recently went back to Overwater for a complete rebuild and set-up) for pottering around on. I was wondering what alternative to the Rockbass might interest me and whether trading up to a second-hand P-bass (Fender?) is worth considering? I'm just an idle tinkerer and don't do any gigging or performances, but do occasionally play amplified with close acquaintances (a nice, safe environment). I'm not into heavy rock or self-indulgent noodling up and down the fretboard. I just want to improve my technique, scales/patterns and confidence, maybe venturing into some gentle funk/slap/groove (Graham Central Station etc.). Any thoughts or ideas welcome. Happy to receive conflicting advice from all corners, but not interested in listening to people argue with each other about why they think their opinion is better than another's. Thanks in advance for all responses. Nibbos
  3. Hello, All. After years of lurking and reading others' posts, it's time to ask a question of my own - so have signed up to to enjoy the privilege of belonging to such a knowledgeable community. Having only recently discovered what 'GAS' stands for I realise that I, too, have been a sufferer (like many of you) for some time. Perhaps heading to the 'FOR SALE' forum might help scratch that itch..? Currently own two basses, Warwick Rockbass Corvette $$ (4-string, Nirvana Black) and Overwater Tanglewood Aspiration Standard Plus (which recently went back to Overwater for a complete rebuild and set-up), an old Laney RB7 Richter Bass Combo and no pedals of effects. Will be seeking advice on the two basses (I know little about their relative merits and can't really explain how or why I came to own each of them!) Am an occasional player but rarely outside the safety of my own home. Thanks in advance for any advice and words of wisdom I get from the basschat folk Nibbos
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