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  1. Just wanted you guys a heads up that the eb is still available. A lot of were drooling but no deal was made. Cheers Andre
  2. hi @maut and that is the exact reason i needed to have the bass in the first place. i saw watt a couple of times... mindblowing!
  3. And yes, the trussrod works fine. I tightened it btw.
  4. @Sparky Mark I'm with you. An additional pickup selector would totally make sense.
  5. Hi, i'm located in hamburg, germany. the neck is straight. Never touched the trussrod, but will check this later the day. Cheers
  6. Hi, i'm selling my 1964 EB-0. It has been modded to three original Gibson Mudbucker Pickups! Had also the typical neck repair - absolutely stable. There has been added a badass bridge too. Its a player but it sounds terrific anyway, resonates fantastic. Comes with an eb0 Epiphone Case. So shipping is no problem. Cheers Andre
  7. Thanks for the tip. Which forum would be a proper one? Thank you!
  8. Hi, i'm selling this pretty rare 1972 Gibson Les Paul Recording Case. It was sold to me as a guitar case, but as you can it does not fit. This should perfectly fit a Les Paul Recording Bass. In pretty good condition, no funny smells. Will ship in the EU for 15€ or you can pick it up in Hamburg/Germany.
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