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  1. oasys

    Hey everyone!

    Ohhh sorry..yes I forgot it,I'm Hungarian..I lived in England for two years,learned some english but since then I've forgotten many things.. Yes it's me of course,you can hear many mistakes in the bass playing..I guessed I chose difficult song for start,but the Shakatak is my favourite band and this song is one of my favourites..the problem with me is that I would like to learn to play the bass quickly,I can't even pplay with fingers properly but I start with the Nightbirds..yes I agree it's funny..:) So I should start with something simple..what do you propose?
  2. Hello guys,my name is Armin,I'm 40 I always wanted to play the bass but I never had opportunity and time to learn it.But I bought a bass guitar about 5 weeks ago and started to learn to play the bass by myself from 0..I have a few midi song I deleted the bass line and I try to play..so difficult,as I never played any musical instrument before,and I know nothing about music theory,but i hope i'm going on the right way,a friend of mine told me I should start first to learn scales etc....here is my first record,please listen to it I'm curious about your opinions. Thank you,and sorry for my english Ihaven't spoken this language for 10 years.. TapeDeck 2 Dec 13 16-23-40.mp3
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