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  1. Hi FinnDave. All the details are at the top of the thread, and there's also a setlist if you see my earlier post. Thanks M
  2. Bump Still looking for a bassist. Any interest, please let me know. Thanks Matt
  3. Bump Still looking. Any interest, please let me know. Thanks Matt
  4. Bump. Still looking for a bassist. Current (work in progress) setlist attached. Ping me if you're interested. Cheers Matt Set List - proposal Sept 2018.docx
  5. Guys - I am still looking. If you're interested, please message me directly and I'll share the set list... Cheers Matt
  6. Hi I'm in a covers/function band currently looking for a bass player. We're a committed and mature band (all in our 40s) who are keen to gig regularly. We have a varied set-list, from Black Crowes, Rolling Stones etc to Stereophonics and The Beatles - whatever gets the crowd on their feet. We rehearse every 2 weeks just outside Bicester, and are looking for a similarly experienced and commitment bass player, who has their own transport, to complete our line-up. If you're interested, I can send you a set-list and organise a try-out. Cheers Matt
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