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  1. Hey, thanks for the reply's, very much appreciated. That's definitely it, thank you!! 😊
  2. Hello, I have been left a bass and I'm trying to find some more information about it. It's an Aria ProII RSB Series - Smooth Joint. It's not in the greatest condition, few scratches and dinks but it does have the original Aria Pro bass hard case for it. Doing some internet based research leads me to a page "Matsumoku" but I can't seem to locate the exact model. I think it's a RSB Deluxe II but these seem to have the name "Deluxe II on the head stock. Mine just says "Aria ProII RSB Series" and then Smooth joint underneath. They are from the 1980's but they appear to be Red, Black or Blue, although I suppose mine could have been sanded back. There is no Serial number and the Scratch plate just has Made in Japan on it. It's exactly the same as this picture I can find on the internet. Any ideas? Am assuming mine is from the 1980's but I can't confirm it. Thanks for any help Matt
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