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  1. Hi there, I'm hoping to book a lesson or two for my partner to try out Double bass in London. Hopefully near greenwich if possible, but anywhere in London for the right tutor. He's been learning/practising electric guitar for over 10years now and just wants to test the difference between the two, so ideally the tutor would have a (smaller scale if possible) double bass for him to practise with for the session. If you guys know of anyone that fits the bill I'd be very grateful for the recommendation.
  2. Thanks! that's great! I'll give him a call cheers Jade
  3. Thanks very much!! I'll ask him! cheers Jade
  4. Hi there, I'm new to the world of bass and basschat so some friendly advice will be much appreciated! I want to get my boyfriend a double bass lesson to surprise him for his birthday. He's turning 45 and has been playing Jazz on the electric bass for 10 years now, he wanted to test out the double bass to see how it is, but he won't have a DB of his own to practise on. We live in SE London but I'm sure he wouldn't be too adverse to travelling a little. Is there any good tutors around that might have a spare double bass for their students that you guys might know? Thanks! Jade
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