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  1. Correct, let's just agree the entire headstock has been sanded off. Please see attached for some greater details.
  2. Hi guys, thanks for checking out. I'm based in Europe, Slovakia. I can ship almost anywhere, I'd however be hesitant to ship to South America, Russia, and ASIA-PAC. @roman_subThe logo (Gary's signature) has been removed from the headstock.
  3. Up for sale the original Gary Willis GWB-1 fretless bass by Ibanez. The thickest low B imaginable. The previous owner has done some great mods: the fingerboard has been refinished with cyanoacrylate the signature from the headstock has been removed tuners replaced with Hipshot Ultralights The bass has overall very little wear. Included is : the bass, the original hard case, original tuners. This indeed is a PRO instrument and a keeper. The reason I'm setting it is I switch btw. my fretted and frettless quite often. With the fretted having a 19mm string spacing I never really got used to the narrow string spacing. It makes my fingers stumble and simply does not feel natural. I'm also open for trades: fretless, 19 mm, bring it on
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