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  1. Hercules Smartphone Holder Stand. Surplus to Requirements. Fantastic condition.
  2. I'm selling my Bose QC35 Headphones in Black. Used them for Studio monitoring but no longer use them. I believe this the first model that was released in 2016. They come with the carry case, airplane seat adaptor, 3.5mm jack and an Anker charging cable. Works perfectly fine! Battery life last forever. They are in used condition. See pics for details £80 seems a fair price. Open to swaps!
  3. Hello! I am selling my SE Custom 2006 in Green. The serial number suggest it's from 2006. I am selling due to it not being played enough and feel it needs a new home! It's set up really well. Plays really nice and the action is great. Only issues from what I can see are: 1) small knick on the headstock and 2) The volume pot sounds a bit crackly but nothing major at all. Probs just needs some switch cleaner in the pot of some sort! I'm open to someone buying this for cash or a swap. Swap wise - I would be in either interested in either some sort of hardware synth, some sort of cheaper end Gretsch electromatic or an acoustic guitar. Comes with Gig bag and can throw in a Jack lead.
  4. Still for sale! Im afraid I need to sell it. I have Lakland Duck Dunn Bass which I use lively mostly now. I need to sell it to fund a new Macbook. Play a lot of keys with my band and wouldn't mind a new Macbook as Im going on tour with The Feeling next month.
  5. Cheers mate - much appreciate it. If any of you guys like what you hearing, you can help support my band by pledging. Your feedback is really good and nice to hear
  6. Here's an album sampler if anyone is interested! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCXrTrjZyWE
  7. Hi guys, My apologies in advance if this is clearly and explicitly in the wrong forum. I'm not one to break the rules. Just slap my wrist if this is a "no no." I'll get it shifted. I'm in a band called The Gentlemen and we have a pledge campaign ticking away for our 3rd studio album 'Departures.' We're trying to raise funds to enable the completion of the album, helping the tunes hit the airwaves and to keep the tour van ticking. The first 2 albums we were lucky enough to get funded by our labels, which we are eternally grateful for. But they both went bust over time and now were doing it ourselves. There are lots of rewards you can select from. It's up to you Here's the website below and our music video from our latest video 'New York Girl' http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/the-gentlemen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6Fz6waR-wU Thanks for your time guys. All the best, Josh x
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