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  1. A high gloss oil probably
  2. I decided to go for a walnut pj body and ditch the whole jaguar idea as all the parts for a jaguar were far more expensive than a normal pj bass
  3. There’s a great website that sell custom bass guitar bodies for not a lot of money called guitarbuild.co.uk I’ve just ordered a body and it should be here in a couple of weeks
  4. The pickups have arrived
  5. Does anyone have a jag that they could draw around so I have a template for the body
  6. I’ve just bought a second hand maple neck with tuners, string tree and neck plate included
  7. Thanks that sounds great I’ll pm you the details
  8. Thanks I’ll probably do that @Grangur what colour what colour do you reckon the bridge and knobs would be?
  9. Thanks alot
  10. Bury st Edmunds in Suffolk
  11. I’m going for a 34” scale and have got everything I need on the way so watch this space
  12. Finish wise I’m thinking a light blue nitro finish like this Strat, any thoughts?
  13. I’ve just bought an Emg GZR PJ pickup set and 2 sets of Ernie ball strings on eBay for £125
  14. I’m looking to spend a maximum of around £350 and getting all the wood needed shouldn’t be a problem. Me and my dad have been doing various woodwork projects in the past so shaping it shouldn’t be a problem but thanks for the suggestion of the diy kit.