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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Private car number plates for the UK. SO10 PNO Cherished Number on retention.....got a mate who plays the piano or Kbd with spare cash !.......please pass the message on. They're £1k each, ready to go on retention. Probably do a deal for both !
  3. I've Owned from new (mid 80's) and been used mainly in pit orchestras. I haven't used it now for years, and it sound a little distorted, and the driver is quite tight. It sounds fine through headphones, or an extension speaker. It needs a new speaker, the original is an Eminence, and according to Eminence they do a modern replacement, in the guise of a "Texas Heat 4". On another Polytone that I still have, I got the original speaker re-coned, so for the purists this may be a better option. The cost is similar (about £80) I think. I think these amps are probably more sought after by jazz guitarists, but thought I'd stick it on here just in case. Not sure of value, but seen decent working ones going for £300, but polite/sensible offers considers. Please no time wasters, opinions on what I should do with it, opinions on what you would do with etc....life is too short. If your interested in buying it, looking at it etc drop me a line. Thank you
  4. Hi.....random question, can anyone identify this pick up, looks to be some sort of realist copy.
  5. Thank you the reply, lets put a line under this, as life is surely too short......but my caveat is this; a) I never questioned your opinion, in fact agree with it b) Your exceptions will probably end in a lot of disappointment. c) I've actually just sold it, to a nice chap from Birmingham who came considerably further, had a good look, offered me £250 which I've happily accepted.....so everyone is happy. d) It would have been nicer for you to have a moan at me in person at the if you felt so aggrieved, rather than as we did spend 20 minutes pick my brain about various Luthiers etc....which I didn't mind at all BTW. d) £10 winging it's way to you.....spend it, or save it wisely, you know have £310 to put towards a new bass.
  6. A bit harsh Mark, you pointed out a couple of things I hadn't noticed, or known about, and now have suitable altered the ad. You did a round trip of approx 40 miles ! You must have been driving slowly for it to take 2 hours, If it upsets you that much, please forward your bank info and I'll pay you £10 for fuel ! This is a £300 bass, needing work, I think your expectations at this price level are a little high. You to come and have a look, you did, and said it wasn't for you....fair enough. Nothing to hide here, I don't need £300, but I'd quite like a bit of space back. Good luck in your search.
  7. So, a couple of other apparent things with this bass.....neither of them good. The fingerboard has become unstuck in a couple of places, and on very closer inspection, it may have had a neck repair....but if it has, looks like it was done at the factory before it was sold...I actually thought it was the grain in the wood, the varnish and finish, and repair is very good.....but come and have a look and make up your own mind.
  8. A couple of people asked for a sound file, I've done this very quickly on my iPhone....but should give you a rough idea...apologies about the playing, best to use headphones or speakers, sounds really tinny on a phone/laptop speakers....sorry obvious really. Romanian 3-4 Bass.m4a
  9. No, the tailpiece has been bodged with a bit of wire, so it's sitting too close to the end. It needs a new one and a new wire.
  10. Hi, I can't see any evidence of old repairs, and the neck looks to be been in there from new, but please read the description fully, it will need some repairs to make it use- able. I don't know if it's an ebony finger board. It's fairly academic re the tailpiece as it really needs to be replaced, so it can be whatever material you like.
  11. Thanks Pete, makes it even more of a bargain !....did you buy it in the UK ?
  12. Here is another one from my collection. This was bought as is to sort out the few little repairs needed, then to probably pass on to a pupil to borrow or buy, but I'm running out of space, hence the clear-out. I bought this bass from it's original owner, he bought it new in 1987, there are no makers names/labels but I would guess it's of Eastern European origin. It actually sounds really nice, although the action is very high, at the moment. The problems are easy to see on the photo's. The bridge has seen better days, it seems to have been on a lean to the front for ages and is now warped, also it never seems to have been fitted too well. So I'd suggest a new bridge. The Tailpiece seems have have suffered at some point, and is held on by the wrong wire, also the metal ring around the tail-pin has become detached, it's bodged on with wire, but obviously needs sorting. Now I reckon a decent luthier would charge about £300 for this lot, and as a decent bass possibly worth £750 tops, but realistacally £600 (I'm no dealer, so these are guesses) but you can buy a bridge/tailpin/wire on Ebay for about £50....so if you fancy honing your double bass repair skills on a cheap project, this is the bass for you. I'm sure all of the jobs are easy for a skilled luthier, and probably a steep learning curve for any amateur. I not taking offers on this, I'd rather get it repaired than give it away, but for sale for the price I paid for it. Come and have a look, Jct 12 of the M1, or can deliver at cost around London, Beds/Bucks/Herts/Cambs/Oxford maybe further, but please ask first.
  13. Forgot to mention, this bass has a case. It's a very expensive "Tom & Will" gig bag...however the Zip has long since broken, so I've been using a bungy cord, which isn't elegant but works. It also has a bow if required.
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