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  1. Roland GR-55 Guitar/Bass Synthesizer SOLD

    Thanks guys, I sold it today! Matt x
  2. Roland GR-55 Guitar/Bass Synthesizer SOLD

    Bump :-)
  3. [quote name='walbassist' timestamp='1507142395' post='3383605'] Very nice. I have the combo version of this head (Caron K1 Combo) and it's superb. The headroom is just insane. Great rig, shame you have to sell. Whoever buys this won't be disappointed. [/quote] Thanks mate, I know, I received few offers for the cab only, I am a bit reluctant to sell, but I am investing in studio gear, if anyone want to take it away please do it now before I change my mind haha..it deserves to be played by a proper bass player!!..
  4. TRBII 6 For Sale almost new conditions £1100

    ...lil bump
  5. TRBII 6 For Sale almost new conditions £1100

    ...lil bump 😊
  6. [quote name='[email protected]' timestamp='1506618952' post='3380017'] I literally ordered this exact rig Monday and it was delivered Tuesday! Bad timing. But, for anyone looking for a 21kg, punchy, light and loud rig. With the option of expanding to a ridiculous 1000 watt 4x12, this is ideal! Plus, it looks ���������� [/quote] Aaaaah mate! Honestly I am really reluctant on selling it, as I wish to play live one day, been practicing for a bit now and I am almost ready, but my drums studio has the priority at the moment...I like the green colours and I love Richard Bona, so I had to have it haha...only played it in my living room (yes now I am waiting for some jokes haha)... Matt
  7. Hello guys, I have for sale this Roland GR-55 with the Bass version pickup, used once. I actually bought it to use the sound from the GR300 (Pat Metheny), but the sound is only available as COSM in the guitar section and it doesn't track well on bass :-( I reckon would be an amazing tool in the right hand :-) Many thanks!! Matt [attachment=254504:FullSizeRender 2.jpg]
  8. Hello guys! I have for sale a Richard Bona signature rig, only reason to sale is that I won't play bass live anytime soon and I have to finance some new gear for my drums studio. Everything is like new, I also have the original mark bass head's gigbag and that little strap to keep the bass in position attached to the cab without need of a stand. Everything together was almost 1400 pounds. I'll be happy to drive it to the buyer in a 2/3 hours range from Camden. There aren't many of these around and with the option to use a 2nd cab you could have a really powerful and clean system :-) Have a good day!! Matt [attachment=254502:FullSizeRender.jpg][attachment=254503:FullSizeRender 3.jpg]
  9. Hello! I have for sale a beautiful TRBII 6, made in Japan, I would say almost new really. The only reason to sell it is that I don't play it really often, I am usually play my 4 strings despite I love to lay down some nice chords on the 6 strings sometime. Also I am putting together my new drums studio and I need extra cash to finance some of the gear, I work as a drummer and I play the bass at home just for fun, I can't really keep it and not use it. It deserves better :-) I think that due the conditions it's a fair price, but I am open to sensitive offers...I saw a couple of them here in Camden where I live for 1000 pounds in really bad conditions. I'll attach few photos so you can see how well maintained is. Serial number indicate it's a 2004 model. I am based in London, but I am willing to drive it to the buyer in a 2/3 hours range in case! Have a good day guys :-) Matt [attachment=254488:IMG_5066.JPG][attachment=254489:IMG_5067.JPG][attachment=254490:IMG_5068.JPG][attachment=254491:IMG_5069.JPG][attachment=254492:IMG_5070.JPG][attachment=254493:IMG_5071.JPG][attachment=254494:IMG_5072.JPG]