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  1. I very much doubt I will be gigging, I imagine I would be playing quite a varied range however mainly rock etc and using some effects however mainly Chorus. I was considering a Peavey 115 however I decided against it as you could not make an effects loop. The Orange amp sounds nice to my ears however it is very large and seems very expensive for only 100 watts. I think I would probably be more suited to the Ashdown. But I know that sound is all down to the way you play, quality of the leads etc.....
  2. Hi, Sorry if this has been covered previously however I am looking for some guidance on a new amp. Currently trying to decide between an Orange Crush 100 & an Ashdown AAA - 120 - EVO - 15T. I love the tone from the Orange however I feel for 100 Watts, £370 is an awful amount of money and I feel also may not be loud enough, also it appears very heavy (although not so muh of an issue). The Ashdown again sounds nice however has now been discontinued so £70 cheaper, and is 120 watts and is also significantly lighter. I like that you can also do effects loops on both. I am leaning towards the Ashdown at the moment as it is cheaper, lighter and slightly more power. What would you guys go for?
  3. Hi there, I recently started playing again after a number of years off. I currently have a 1991 Rickenbacker 4003 and 2013 Gibson SG bass. Looking to add a Warwick in the future. I am mostly into 90's alternative rock like Three Colours Red, The Wildhearts, early Feeder, Smashing Pumpkins & Hole, and also 90's punk like Pennywise / Bad Religion etc.
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