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  1. One month bump - still here! Thank you for the GLWTS messages!
  2. Thanks, Rabbie! My rationale is that hopefully they're all the same, so I may well end up with another one in the future. If the everyone-in-the-same-vehicle double bass gigs start coming in again!
  3. [b]For sale: 4-string Eminence EUB with the removable neck. £1700[/b] Is anyone after one of these? Excellent condition, as shown in the photos. The only marks I can find on it are those three or four tiny impressions on the edges of the right upper bout (see 5th photo). Strung with Spirocore Weichs, and also includes the Helicores it came with. Includes soft gigbag, Hamilton stand, hardcase ('Golf Guard' golf club case), and the little soft case for the neck to travel in when it's off. As you probably know, everything fits in the hardcase for travel, including the stand. I've found this bass to be extremely useful. Through an amp, it sounds a lot like a larger bass with a Realist pickup, but it's obviously much easier to travel with. It's also been ideal for cramped stages, seated gigs where you have to be out of the way (you can sit quite low with it), and quiet practise without an amp. Unfortunately I've had a lot of gear fail at the same time, so I'm selling this bass to fund repairs. I decided I could always get another one down the line. I'm in Exeter. New member/first time poster obviously, so feel free to PM and I'll give you my number etc. so you can make sure I'm a real person! Edit: Bigger images here [url="https://imgur.com/a/p5kQZ"]https://imgur.com/a/p5kQZ[/url] [attachment=255257:1 Full.jpg] [attachment=255258:2 Top.jpg] [attachment=255259:3 Bridge.jpg] [attachment=255260:4 Back.jpg] [attachment=255261:5 Right.jpg] [attachment=255262:6 Left.jpg] [attachment=255263:7 Back of neck.jpg] [attachment=255264:8 Scroll.jpg]