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  1. Update, I have tried it again this morning and it is working apart from until I turn on the Input EQ and then I get a loud hum. The VU meter is still stuck on max too.
  2. Hi everyone, I turned my Ashdown ABM 500 on last night and there was a massive hum and the VU meter is stuck permanently on maximum. This is without me even plugging in my bass. The hum is only on with volume and gets louder if I turn up the volume. Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this please? I've tried different sockets, leads, disconnecting speakers etc Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I've just bought an Ashdown ABM 500w head and an ABM 210H 300w speaker. I want to get a second cab. If I get (another Adhdown) 15" deep speaker cab, does it matter what wattage it must be min / max if it goes with the existing one I have? I can see there are Mag cabs at 250w and ABM at 300w. Would it matter if I paired a Mag 250w with an ABM 300w speaker? And finally - is the wattage the only difference between the Mag and ABM speakers? i.e. if I get cheaper Mag 15" cab will I really notice the difference (non pro use for rock music pubs, parties etc) in volume / sound quality? Thanks for any help unravelling the mystery of speaker wattage and how it all fits together
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