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  1. Price Drop £800 delivered to UK/Ireland Selling this stunning USA Peavey Cirrus 6 string which is an absolute beast of a bass. It's in immaculate condition. Action on it is fantastic very low no fret buzz whatsoever. It was manufactured in 2004. It has got a gorgeous maple top and fret board. Being through neck it honestly has the tightest B string I've ever heard. It has the US VFL pick ups and is active 18v. If you want the full in detail specs you can get them online as I'm just trying to give you the headline features of this beautiful instrument. Sound wise it is absolutely thunderous... direct through FOH the bottom end is so fat and punchy you will have a permanent smile on your face. The mids and highs are crystal and very focussed. I've had most of the 1500-2000k basses out there through the years and this has to have been probably my favourite. Only letting it go as it doesn't get played out so needs to go to a good home and get the playing it deserves. It comes in a semi-rigid case you can see in the pics though it's a bit worn but will keep it safe. I'm based near Belfast and can ship to the UK mainland with free carriage I'm interested in one of the pearl white MM Stingray 5's with maple fret board or something similar
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