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  1. Just wanted to share...I’m LOVING the sound from my new Hartke TX600 amp. Can’t wait to let it rip at a gig if and when that happens but it sure sounds good at home! I upgraded from a TC Electronic BH250 by the way, and I’m playing an American Standard Jazz through Markbass cabs. Interested in hearing others’ views....
  2. One thing I don’t get...even with the shape setting at 12 o’clock (supposedly no boost or cut) turning the frequency knob clockwise seems to make everything ‘louder’. Frequency knob fully anti-clockwise, everything sounds dull and muted, no matter what the shape knob is set at. I think I’ve got cloth ears, as I can’t make it out :-(
  3. Hi all, I recently bought a Hartke TX600 amp and am a bit puzzled as to how the EQ controls work. If there any other owners out there, or anyone who understands this stuff, who can answer my question, I’d be very grateful. The amp has ‘frequency’ and ‘shape’ knobs which according to the manual and various all the on-line resources I can find adjust the position and size of the mid frequency notch. That suggests to me that the frequency is always attenuated, never boosted, at the chosen frequency. But my ears tell me otherwise - it sounds like the shape knob does boosts the frequency once past 12 o’clock. Plus, the manual states that the shape control alters the mid frequency between +11/-3dB. I understand that to mean the knob indeed boosts the frequency up to 11dB compared to 12 o’clock. Any advice very welcome.
  4. Thanks a million! I’ve sent you a PM
  5. The other tone pot knobs are 12-13 mm in diameter and you are absolutely right - they don’t have a spline fit. Any help would be highly appreciated because I have just spent 25 minutes on the inter web with no luck finding 1/4 inch black knobs in any diameter let alone 12 or 13 mm.
  6. I think you could be right! Not easy to measure with a cheap plastic ruler but this is what they look like, with the lonely tone pot missing its embellishment. I think the diameter of the knobs I’ve bought are more like 17 or 18mm. The bass and treble tone pot knobs on the Ibanez are about 13mm diameter.
  7. Hi all recently a tone knob fell off one of the pots on my SR1300 and was lost. I ordered a replacement set from EBay and was disappointed to find they wouldn’t fit on the shaft. The holes are slight too small for the shaft.. Not having any calliper or means of measuring the shaft diameter I had to guess what should be the correct size and after some perusal of Amazon and eBay I concluded that there are two sizes of knob, I had bought the smaller one and therefore I now ordered what I thought would be the larger,correct size. Dear Reader, imagine my surprise when I discovered that these new knobs were also too small! Now I have a quite a collection of knobs but still none that fit. Do Ibanez bass guitars have an unusual pot shaft size? Can anyone tell me what size or type I need to order?
  8. Hi My Ibanez SR1300 electronics have gone t$ts up and despite several attempts to find the fault by a guitar tech, looks like it is time to replace the board. From the Ibanez website, https://cs.hoshinogakki.co.jp/pcw.nsf/item.xsp?documentId=6D7CE3CADDE0924C4925804F002EA606&strItemKey=SR1300_NTF_1P_01&curSuffix=1P01&curFromYMTX=2015%2F11&curToYMTX=2016%2F11&strMode=newpage It seems I need to buy all 4 preamp modules because my bass is from 2015. It doesn't look like I can buy the parts directly from Ibanez. Can anyone recommend how to get hold of them? Thanks all
  9. Still up for grabs folks - it really is a lovely bass in smashing condition ;-)
  10. Thanks for all your advice thus far chaps. I don't have a guitar shop conveniently close, but there is a Halfords nearby so great suggestion about the bike packaging. I am posting this to an address in the UK, and have seen other comments about Parcelforce not providing insurance cover - so who do people generally use for shipping, and can anyone give me a rough idea of shipping cost (including insurance)? Cheers again.
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