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  1. Maybe my Mayones and cash? http://basschat.co.uk/topic/295761-price-drop-mayones-comodous-5-fretless/page__pid__3252975#entry3252975
  2. [quote name='PriZeMaN' timestamp='1480965296' post='3188513'] Hello Dargov, where are you located? Thanks...PriZeMaN [/quote] PM sent
  3. Hi! I have a beautiful Mayones Comodous 5 string fretless for sale. It turned out that i'm not a fretless guy therefore have a feast on this sweet gear. The guitar isn' t new and has slight scratches. There are slight lacks of laquer in 2 places: one on the lower part of the body near strap pin and the other at the top of the headstock. Guitar can be shipped anywhere in the world. It can be also exchanged for: - Ken Smith 5 - Spector USA 5 If you are interested send me PM. Details: Body * Cocobolo top * Profiled Swamp Ash back & Wenge middle Construction * Neck-thru-body Neck * 9-ply / Maple-Mahogany Fingerboard * Ebony Fingerboard Radius * 20" (508 mm) Scale * 34.25" (870 mm) Fretlines * 24 - Maple veener Markers & inlays * Plain, no markers + side dots Tuners * Schaller M4 Bridge * Schaller 2000 Pickups & Electronics * H-H / EMG 40 TW * Aguilar OBP-3 active preamp Control * 1xVolume,1xBalance,1xMiddle,1xTreble/Bass, * 2 x mini-switch (humbucker/single mode) Hardware colour * BLK (black) Additional equipment * Ebony nut, Switchcraft jack, Schaller Security Straplocks, Hardcase Price/Tv: 1800 £ + shipping from EU
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