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  1. Exactly 4kg claims my bathroom scale. That very same scale has been accused of exaggerating wildly in the past though.
  2. @Al Krow in my eyes the 734A is a superb bass with no flaws and lots of positives. The P34 then adds a lusher feel and a more vintage and at the same time punchier sound. At least that's how I justified to myself spending the moneys on it. But it's also the first bass ever which made me think 'I do not ever need another bass again'.
  3. The big clear out continues with this sweet bass. When I got it in the autumn last year I couldn't believe how superb it plays and sounds. It kept amazing me so much, that I decided to buy one of the new Yamaha BB P34 since I prefer a passive tone anyway. The P34 is so good that I now sell off all my other basses, just in case you wonder why I spam this forum so much with offers I used this one for a couple of gigs and it has a small chip at the headstock, two little dents on the front (the paint is not cracked though) and maybe 4 or 5 very minor marks on the back of the neck. All just cosmetic at best. You probably know the specs of these ones, here is a link to the Yamaha website with all the details (https://www.yamahamusiclondon.com/BB-734A-Electric-4-String-Bass-Guitar/pidGBB734ADCS). Apart from sounding really neat it also looks fantastic, I really like the black headstock on them. Currently it has TI flats on and it comes with a pretty solid Yamaha gig bag. Ideally I wouldn't want to post it, but could also if needed. Any questions, let me know! Thanks, Udo
  4. that's it, I measured 17 inch from the nut to the 12th fret.
  5. Hi all, I got this from BassDirect as part of a partexchange deal, it's new and unused. I tried it once to see if it works, and it does! Can't say much about it since I haven't used it, but my 30 seconds test showed that it's easy to get a nice tone out of it. Cheers, Udo
  6. Hi all, I bought this for a project that never went anywhere, glad I didn't buy the original! I only got it in February from PMT in London, you get the receipt and their warranty with it as well. The bass never left my flat and comes with new strings (EB Cobalt, 55gauge) and a brand new bag (from Thomann), the pickguard still has its plastic on. I previously had thinner strings on it and then I had buzz on the E-string. But with these now none whatsoever. Just in case you play thinner ones, you might need to take a look at the nut. Any questions, let me know. Happy to ship as well or meet in or around London. Udo
  7. So, according to this webpage http://faq.yamaha.com/us/en/article/musical-instruments/guitars-basses/el-guitars/802/4095 it should be Made in Taiwan, on May 6th 2000 and is unit number 259. Unless I got the system completely wrong.
  8. I have no idea. I got it from fleabay with no further information about its history. I'll try to find out with the serial number when it is from. I'd be surprised if it was as old as AndyTravis said, because it is in such good shape.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. New lower price £450 425 now. I don't know much about this bass, got it of ebay the other week really just to give it a spin. I put TI Jazz flats on it and it sounds good, a nice passive thumb to it now. I am not 100% convinced thought that it is what I want or need. The bass is in superb cosmetic condition for its age, no chips or dings/dongs. My bathroom scale says it's just below 4kg. With a thin strap it has a bit of neckdive, not much, but since I mostly play with a plec it is not ideal for me. I am not 100% convinced to sell it, but if anyone is dying to get their hands on one of these I paid £500 and look for a similar amount. I am based in SE London if anyone wants to take a closer look at this one. Cheers, Udo
  11. All work perfectly fine. The Boss has quite some marks on it, I got it from ebay and never used it much myself in the end. The Aguilar is mine from new, I used it for a couple of years, but no issues and no major marks. The Morley is from ebay as well, I gave up wanting to sound like Cliff so don't need it any longer. Only the Morley has a power cable coming with it. The Valve Drive has a problem with the on-off knob (the right switch), but who would switch it off anyway? It might be an easy fix to replace the switch for someone, I never bothered. The other switch (it changes between vintage and modern tone) works fine. It sounds awesome and has been my main gigging tool for a while, so it comes with a lot of character (read it looks used). The valve is still the original one from when I bought the pedal around 5 years ago. EBS Valve Drive - £160 Aguilar TLC - £110 Boss ODB-3 - £40 Morley PowerWahBoost - £75 I prefer meeting (London area) to avoid having to post the items, but can post as well and would suggest to split posting costs. Any questions or if you want more photos, just let me know. Cheers, Udo
  12. If I remember correctly this is mentioned in the FAQ or mini manual that comes with the presets. It mentions that the presets will always default to that IR cab that is in slot1 on your helix. But it has a table in it that shows the IR that is meant to be used with each preset.
  13. I had this for sale up here a while ago and changed my mind. Now I changed it again Super comfortable bass, it is weighing in at just below 4 kg. The slightly smaller body makes it sit very nicely against your chest, belly, waist or knees. The neck is close to a Jazz neck, thin and very easy to play. I have Thomastik Jazz flats on at the moment but can put roundwounds on as well. Active/passive switch that doubles as the volume, one blend and a 2EQ knobs. It comes with a Sandberg bag and promotional material from the German company. I own it since early 2017 and got it 2nd hand from Cool and Classic Guitars, a very fine bass this is. I can post insured if wanted, or meet within a reasonable distance from SE London. Happy for anyone to come over and have a look at it as well.
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