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  1. So, according to this webpage http://faq.yamaha.com/us/en/article/musical-instruments/guitars-basses/el-guitars/802/4095 it should be Made in Taiwan, on May 6th 2000 and is unit number 259. Unless I got the system completely wrong.
  2. I have no idea. I got it from fleabay with no further information about its history. I'll try to find out with the serial number when it is from. I'd be surprised if it was as old as AndyTravis said, because it is in such good shape.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. New lower price £450 now. I don't know much about this bass, got it of ebay the other week really just to give it a spin. I put TI Jazz flats on it and it sounds good, a nice passive thumb to it now. I am not 100% convinced thought that it is what I want or need. The bass is in superb cosmetic condition for its age, no chips or dings/dongs. My bathroom scale says it's just below 4kg. With a thin strap it has a bit of neckdive, not much, but since I mostly play with a plec it is not ideal for me. I am not 100% convinced to sell it, but if anyone is dying to get their hands on one of these I paid £500 and look for a similar amount. I am based in SE London if anyone wants to take a closer look at this one. Cheers, Udo
  5. All work perfectly fine. The Boss has quite some marks on it, I got it from ebay and never used it much myself in the end. The Aguilar is mine from new, I used it for a couple of years, but no issues and no major marks. The Morley is from ebay as well, I gave up wanting to sound like Cliff so don't need it any longer. Only the Morley has a power cable coming with it. Aguilar TLC - £125 Boss ODB-3 - £50 Morley PowerWahBoost - £75 I prefer meeting (London area) to avoid having to post the items, but can post as well and would suggest to split posting costs. Any questions or if you want more photos, just let me know. Cheers, Udo
  6. Thanks! And I agree 100%
  7. If I remember correctly this is mentioned in the FAQ or mini manual that comes with the presets. It mentions that the presets will always default to that IR cab that is in slot1 on your helix. But it has a table in it that shows the IR that is meant to be used with each preset.
  8. I had this for sale up here a while ago and changed my mind. Now I changed it again (well, I just bought a Yamaha SBV and so this has to leave the house) Super comfortable bass, it is weighing in at just below 4 kg. The slightly smaller body makes it sit very nicely against your chest, belly, waist or knees. The neck is close to a Jazz neck, thin and very easy to play. I have Thomastik Jazz flats on at the moment but can put roundwounds on as well. Active/passive switch that doubles as the volume, one blend and a 2EQ knobs. It comes with a Sandberg bag and promotional material from the German company. I own it since early 2017 and got it 2nd hand from Cool and Classic Guitars, a very fine bass this is. I can post insured if wanted, or meet within a reasonable distance from SE London. Happy for anyone to come over and have a look at it as well.
  9. Ah, I knew it! Ignorance doesn't save you! Thanks!
  10. I own it from new and got it two months ago I think. And yes, I tend to leave the cable plugged in after playing, lazy git I am.
  11. Hi all, I have the new 734A and what a superb bass it is. My only concern is that it seems to live of a diet of batteries. Is anyone else finding an issue with that? I think it might be some electronic issue, a new battery is getting spent after a week in the bass (and that is not a week of nonstop playing). I have a feeling as if the bass draws from it as long as the switch is on active. But I need to do more tests. But has anyone a similar issue with the 734A?
  12. I got the Stomp the other day and really love it, especially the amp and cab simulations sound really nice to me. Now, is anyone gigging with the Stomp or other amp and cab sims? My gigs are usually an amp for stage monitoring and the bass signal gets DI'ed into the PA, think small to medium sized venues. I guess it all depends on the sound person as always as they control your sound in the end, but my worry would be that it sounds a bit too dark or muddy with the sims enabled. Has anyone ever got feedback on this after a show?
  13. udo


    What can I say? Post xmas lack of moneys I guess! Maybe I should price it up to see if that works?
  14. udo


    I'll give that a miss, I am really looking to sell if possible. Only two hands and too many basses!
  15. udo


    No, but what do you have in mind?
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