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  1. Jazz Summer School in Cardiff 26-31 July... bass players welcome!

    Ooops, forgot to mention our two bass tutors are... Steve Watts... http://theoriginalukjazzsummerschool.webs.com/tutor%20biogs/Steve%20Watts%20biog.pdf & Alison Rayner... http://theoriginalukjazzsummerschool.webs.com/tutor%20biogs/Alison%20Rayner%20biog.pdf
  2. Hello everyone I just joined your forum, so hope its ok to put this up here. But I thought maybe some of you might be interested in our jazz summer school at The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in july. Its a one week residential summer school for all instruments and we have places still available for bass players. You are coached in groups by top UK jazz musicians and perform each night. There are also workshops, masterclasses and jam sessions throughout the week. Its a very friendly and supportive community of people (about 100 in total for the whole week) with a very long history (49 years and going strong!) All levels are welcome and catered for, from beginner to advanced, and its the perfect place to come and learn to improvise and play all different styles of jazz if you have ever wanted to give it a try. Please see our website which has lots of info, FAQs, Weekly Schedule, App Forms, Tutor Info, and a video on the front page which gives a good idea of the vibe of the place. www.theoriginalukjazzsummerschool.com please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries at [email protected] Hope this is ok! best regards Buster