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  1. This is still available. £500 and it's yours.
  2. I've taken it to the Bass Gallery to sell on consignment. Can be tried out, etc there. If you're still very interested, feel free to message.
  3. Thanks for the bump Phil! I bet you'd find that this is quite the seductress. You would probably ending up using it way more than you thought you would!
  4. No one at all interested? Price is negotiable!
  5. EDIT: PRICE DROP: £500 Edit: This is also being offered for sale on consignment at the Bass Gallery. Hello Everyone! I'm offering up my Ibanez SRSC805 in Deep Twilight Flat finish. The bass is just over 1 year old, I bought it in April 2018 and it has served me well, but I miss having 6 strings. So, I'm selling it to fund purchase of a 6 stringer. The bass has not been used heavily, but it has some minor, discrete dings. I've been using it averagely 4 times a month at church. This bass will not be sold with a case. I will not ship this bass. Cash on Collection from me in Uxbridge, may be able to meet and deliver in London (within reason, since I don't drive). Dings: 1) on the underside edge of the body, where the guitar makes contact with the thigh. 2) Headstock logo has a minor flaw I tried to capture these in the pics. This is not being offered for the UK market anymore, so here's a link to Ibanez's USA website for you to see the specs: https://www.ibanez.com/usa/products/detail/srsc805_1p_03.html . Please message me if you're interested.
  6. Its new owner is someone from Basschat, but I think the only way you'll get that is by prying it out of his cold, dead hands! He really likes BBs and he really, REALLY likes his new acquisition!
  7. This lovely BB is now on hold for a potential buyer who's coming to check her out tomorrow.
  8. Hi fretmeister! Unfortunately I don't know the exact weight of my bass and I don't have easy access to a scale to check it for you. However, on the website www.sweetwater.com there's are three Yamaha BBP35 basses; 2 with their weights listed as 10lbs and 1 with its weight as 10lbs 3oz. The only difference between the BBP35 and the BB735a (which is the step below it) is that the 735a has the preamp installed, while the P35 is passive. Other than that their specifications are absolutely identical from what I read on the Yamaha website. So based on that I think we can safely estimate it's weight to be somewhere around the 10lb mark.
  9. Price is now £550! No one wants to give this a new home?
  10. Hi, just as DannyBuoy is saying, it is definitely 34". I think one of the ways they're compensating is by running the strings through the body, which I read is supposed to give it just a tad more tension? Either way, the B does not sound floppy at all.
  11. Price drop to £625. This matte black finish in these basses go for £700. Here's a good deal on a barely used fantastic bass.
  12. Yes! It feels great, looks great and sounds great! ....but it just doesn't sound "right" to my ears!.
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