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  1. Interesting. From what I have read on talkbass, I never realized there was much disagreement about barefaced. I just figured they were expensive to ship to the US, and that everyone loved them on the other side of the pond. Well, now I know. For arguments about fEARfuls, I'll go to talkbass. For barefaced, it's basschat.
  2. Hmmm. Well I guess I'm passing on the Retro. I couldn't leave the seller hanging. It feels too risky to put that much money into something I can't try or even hear demos of. Not getting any user feedback makes it that much scarier. Where are the enthusiastic testimonials? Are there just no owners out there online? Or are people not so happy with theirs?
  3. It's the Retro Six 10. I guess the guy has only had it for a month.
  4. Hi all, this is my first post, please be gentle... I am considering buying a (slightly) used Retro Six 10, which is too far from me to try out. I'm in the US, so Barefaced cabinets are very rare. The 610 barely exists over here. From a cursory search it looks like there aren't even that many in the UK? I'm hoping that there are a few owners that could weigh in and help me. Or even if you've heard one. Or heard of one. Lately I've been in a ridiculous cabinet-buying frenzy, looking for THAT SOUND. Here's what I have right now: Bergantino NV610 Baer ML212 fEARful 15/6/12 and 12/6/1 (home-built) Ampeg 212av My quest is for something that is easy to carry, can do a crushing ROCK sound, as well as being able to do more modern jazz/fusion/dance/whatever, can sound huge like an 810, but still articulate and pleasing in a lower volume setting. So far, the Baer gets the closest to filling these requirements. The NV610 is amazing, but it's heavy, and it's very mid-focused. A wonderful vintage rock sound, but more highs and (a bit) more lows would be nice, while retaining those beautiful mids. So... Given the high cost (even used) over here, will the Retro Six 10 do what I'm looking for? Will it really give me something that I don't already have covered? Is it worth twice the cost of a used NV610? Any opinions or advice would be much appreciated.
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