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  1. 56 minutes ago, Happy Jack said:

    That looks like a really lovely bass. Will you be playing any doubling gigs with that combo?


    Not with EB but with my Yamaha SLB 200 EUB where space is limited and at rehearsals. 

  2. One week ago I made a round trip of almost 600km in a snowstorm and came home with this. It's my third DB in 4 years and it's what I should have bought the first time right after I got home from the 2018 BC Double Bass Bash. This is a Shen SB100 laminate bass AND an Acoustic Image Coda combo with the Clarus Series 4 Plus amp, both are about 10 years old and in mint condition. I am loving this combination and the Spirocores and I'm getting used to the set up on the bass and having fun learning about the amp. I would highly recommend both of these.

    It is a bit of a silly purchase because we are in another lockdown since Christmas in Ontario and both of my bands have stopped rehearsing and we have no gigs on the horizon, basically all venues are shut down but I figured that at 75 I might as well get what I wanted and hope that when things finally start up again I will be ready to go with really good equipment. I play every day and am very pleased with this bass and amp...look out world! 👍😄






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  3. 1 hour ago, Lozz196 said:

    I used the BOSS WL20, really easy to use, just a little bug in your bass and one in the amp, no leads or packs. They automatically search the best frequency to use in the venue so no settings or anything. Test of anything technical is can I use it, if so it has to be easy & simple to do.

    Me too.

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  4. 11 hours ago, Jakester said:

    I just stuck with (sorry) the adhesive dots in the right places. 


    They're great if you come unmoored but as mentioned above you start to develop a muscle memory and your ear to tell if you're in the right place or not fairly quickly. I'm absolutely no great shakes but it's worked for me. 

    Yup, dots. You can use White Out or some other correction fluid and you can make them any size you want, that's what I use on my EUB. On my DB I use the stick on dots and lines from Gollihur, easy to remove and available in two colours. When the dots on my EUB start to come off I will use the Gollihur ones on it too.

  5. First gig since February 2020 for the jazz standards quartet! Things are slowly opening up here but numbers are still limited at venues so very few club gigs.

    Yesterday we played some "wallpaper music" at a Christmas lunch for about 200 military personnel at the base in North Bay. We have been together for 8 or 9 years now and have been rehearsing for a couple of months and this was an easy no pressure way to get out playing again. We played one long set and did some of our usual stuff and also some seasonal songs and it went over well and we got some nice compliments at the end of the gig. Due to the military "hurry up and wait" system we were there and set up over two hours before we actually played the gig so we had a nice rehearsal and were well warmed up and ready to go when the room opened up for the actual lunch. It also gave us a good chance to do a decent sound check and tweak our Bose PA.

    This was the first time I have gigged the "70's Czech bass that I got a few months ago and it was a joy to play, I liked my Engelhardt but this bass is much more comfortable and easier to play and the Obligatos sounded great on it.

    All in all a good gig and we also had a lovely Christmas dinner after we played. We will be doing another one of these affairs in a week or so but doing it as a trio with vibes, bass and sax/clarinet and we haven't played any gigs with this combination before so it should be an interesting day.

    Great to finally be back out and playing in public, we are hoping that things will get busier in 2022 but the live music scene is still pretty dead over here.

    It wasn't a very fancy set up, we were in the corner of a very large dining room but the sound was good and we could be heard by everyone.😊



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  6. 39 minutes ago, adriansmith247 said:


    I am certainly interested in having something higher up. Has anyone every tried playing through one of those Bose arrays? The ones that have a bass cab and a long stick of speakers about 5 ft high

    We use one for our jazz quartet and also for a 7 piece swing band and put everything through it and it is great. The drums aren't mic'd but horns, vocals(2), keyboard and my bass(usually DB but also EUB and BG at times) use it and it is easy to set up and if done properly we don't even need monitors. We had to get a bigger mixer but we use the small woofer and it sounds great. There are a lot of reviews and videos of the system in use, some bands use a separate unit for each instrument but we don't need that. Easy to set up and transport and doesn't take up much space on stage. They are expensive but for us it has been worth it.

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  7. I found a post from 2016 on TB and the price they worked out was about $650 USD, not sure how accurate that was/is.

    Apparently that is not the only adjustable sound post that has been tried over the years for members of the violin family.

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  8. 3 hours ago, NoRhino said:

    I bought something like this and use it while playing.  Keeps the wrist and carpal tunnel area well supported.  I had a CT release operation several years ago and am in a queue for another one but have never had to consider not gigging. 


    Breathable Universal Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Brace Wrap Splint - For RSI Arthritis Sprain Strain - Fully Adjustable Easy To Fit Ideal for protection and recovery - Unisex - Fits Right & Left Hand https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075RCJS11/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_g_N2VT13AF2RTTW2HNQ7R7


    I used one of these and it definitely helped my left hand/wrist when I was playing my DB and EUB, not so much with EB. I have recovered enough that I don't use it now.

  9. 11 hours ago, EdLib-3 said:



    @MoJo buy yourself a copy of Sharon J. Butler's book 'Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'




    The exercises and stretches in this book for fingers, wrist and forearms helped me a lot with my Carpal Tunnel problems. I was made aware of it on this very forum would you believe?! The exercises aren't fun to do, but doing them regularly really sorted me (and quite a few others on here) out.


     Definitely not fun to do but it helped in my case.👍

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  10. 36 minutes ago, NancyJohnson said:



    After playing regular basses for 30+ years, I'm going to be new to EUBs shortly (iI have an NXT5s, it's here but remaining in the box until my birthday in 6 weeks); curious about clipping a tuner to the bridge.


    I have a few clip-on tuners and tend to favour Snark units over anything else; as you're not going to be busy down the bridge end, would you actually have enough meat on the bridge to clip the tuner and perhaps have it poking up through the strings?  Would attaching a tuner to the bridge have any detrimental effect on the piezo?




    The Yamaha SLB 200 has a bridge that is similar in shape to a regular DB bridge but a bit smaller so it is large enough to find a spot for the tuner. I have also used it on the upper end of the rather odd reverse tailpiece and it works well there too. I don't think it would affect the piezo, it is under the bridge on the Yamaha.

    In the case of your EUB it might be tricky to find a large enough spot on the bridge to attach it to, I haven't actually seen an NXT in person so it's hard to tell if it would fit and then stay on. There is no tailpiece on your bass so that isn't an option. Some people put them on the headstock of a DB (I do on my EB) but I have had more success with it on the bridge. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

    On a personal note, you have a lot more will power or strength of character than I do, I could not leave a new bass in a box for 6 weeks, make sure you give us a review of it when you start playing.👍😊 

  11. I'm enjoying all these posts about gigs and absolutely green with envy. Unfortunately over here there are almost no gigs yet except outdoors and those are rare and now that fall weather has arrived those gigs will end soon. Both my bands have been back to rehearsals for a while but only one potential gig so far, before Covid we would have up to 5 gigs a month between the two bands. Capacity limits for many venues are still low so they simply can't afford bands and in the case of the seven piece, we would be counted as occupants and therefore further reduce the number of paying customers allowed in. Most big concert bands and symphonies are rehearsing in sections only or doing it on line, no idea when regular concerts and shows will resume in Ontario. 


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  12. Actually the Yamaha is very easy to put together or take apart, I can do it in a minute or less, it's well designed and very simple. I put a small hose clamp on the endpin as a stopper so when I assemble it there is no guessing, it is always at the same height. I like the "wings", they make it very easy to hold in the proper position and it feels the same as my Czech DB so it is easy to play either instrument.

  13. Good points from everyone.

    It's good to remember that the people in the audience listen with their ears and their eyes, how you do what you do is important to the audience, as said above it's music and entertainment.

    In one of my bands two members show no real reactions to the music and rarely even smile. The drummer and I are much more animated on stage and as frontman I have spent a lot of time working on my between songs patter so things flow smoothly with no awkward moments. We are a swing/standards/jazz band and people love the stories about the songs we play and we move smoothly from song to song, of course this takes time to prepare but it is far better in my mind than silence between songs or a few mumbled words. 

    The audience won't be having fun if you don't look like you are having fun, this approach has worked for me for 60 years and I can't wait to get back to gigging, we are rehearsing but not much live music in Canada yet. 


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  14. 2 hours ago, Rich said:

    Drove 2.5 hours to play 90 minutes in a pub garden in Salisbury for 30 quid. We played really well, crowd loved it, the Skabass sounded awesome. Who cares if my entire fee went in the fuel tank? :lol:

    Many of us have been there , done that, at least you were gigging and having a good time making music.👍

    Over here most venues are still not open for live music but at least both of my bands are rehearsing and hoping we will be back to gigging soon.🙁

  15. Sounds a lot like my story, and I am so glad I switched to DB, it's a whole new world of challenges and just plain fun.

    There are several sites that have string ID info, one of them is in the Bass Resource section of the Gollihur Music website, it's in the FAQ section under Strings.

    There are others on here who are much more knowledgeable about strings than I am and may be able to identify them if you give the colour of the silks on both ends of the strings and they can also recommend strings for the music you plan to play. There is definitely a market for used strings and they are often sold on Basschat. There is a huge variety of strings available and they make a major effect on the sound and playability, much more than on an electric bass so it pays to choose carefully. The Gollihur site has a lot of good advice about strings and they sell many types and give very thorough descriptions of the pros and cons and characteristics of the strings, not just repeating the manufacturer's blurb. 

    It might be a good idea to have an experienced player and/or a luthier to look over your bass, these things are beasts to play compared to electric bass and a few adjustments can make a huge difference in the playability of your bass and make it a lot less difficult and frustrating to play.

    Good luck, it's a bit of a steep learning curve but I have never had so much fun playing music, upright is the way to go.😄 


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