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  1. [quote name='bass_ferret' post='233408' date='Jul 6 2008, 12:06 AM']£750 for a new Fafner? And you are moaning! RRP on an HD350 is more than that![/quote] your right ferret, I paid £789 last year and that was the best deal I found at the time, the rrp was quite a bit higher don't know what they go for now though, soggs
  2. [quote name='ash2008' post='233275' date='Jul 5 2008, 07:09 PM']hi what ohm is the cab?cheers[/quote]hi sorry didn't get back to you, its 4 ohm's, and 800w rms, cheers soggs
  3. This rig has never been gigged and literally only had a few hours of use, its as new, these amps and cabs really are top knotch, and the hd350 is a nice easy amp to use, they are very robust, light, and punch out incredible tone and volume through the 4x10 proline speaker cab + 2" tweeter, the clarity of these speakers take a lot of beating, if you want to be heard, and sound good, this a great set up, I've owned them both from new, I paid over £1400 for the two, but looking at what there going for, like £450 for hd350 and the 4x10 £350,
  4. [quote name='TPJ' post='231929' date='Jul 3 2008, 12:55 PM']BOT Bump for a great bass. For some stupid reason I traded mine years ago. doh... As RNF states, a very versitile bass. Was my only bass on the cruise ships for years and you can do pretty much anything on them. hmmmm Where you located soggs? Any issues at all with this bass? Cheers,[/quote] hi I'm in yeovil somerset england, your right its a cracking bass, just shame have to get rid of it, theres no issues its nice, just slight mark on front, think you can see it on the close up shot, are you interested in buying it and are you far away, soggs
  5. [quote name='RaNoFuNkY' post='231661' date='Jul 2 2008, 11:09 PM']Cracking bass sir! Gets the slapping thumbs up! I own a white one of these, and I would just like to add that whilst these basses go from an ideal slap/tap setup/sound, they also have the most beautiful warm end to them when you need it. A truly versatile, quality instrument. I would love to buy this and take the frets out, a la Stu Hamm on his "Outbound" record and have it along side my white one. Best of luck with the sale, can't recommend these enough B[/quote] cheers for your comments mate, these type of basses do tend to get pigeon holed, people think they are just a one trick pony, soggs
  6. [quote name='Happy Jack' post='231488' date='Jul 2 2008, 05:18 PM']That is quite possibly the single most beautiful piece of quilted maple I've ever seen. Commiserations on having to let her go, and good luck with the sale.[/quote] thanks mate
  7. [quote name='pnefc42' post='231467' date='Jul 2 2008, 04:37 PM']I have seen/played this bass and can confirm it is an absolute beauty both visually and sonically - will make someone very happy!! Cheers Dave[/quote] hi dave, thats really nice of you, I forgot I'd brought it down to show you, thanks mate
  8. [quote name='Dr.Dave' post='231475' date='Jul 2 2008, 04:55 PM']I don't know if it's common practise amongst custom luthiers but Jon's 'free MOTs' as he explained it to me make his basses an even better bargain than they generally are. The sound crew at the Colne Blues fest blew the electrics out of mine (remember that , Rayman and Homer??) and Jon just sorted it while I played with his mutt. No charge. I digress. It's a quality instrument - I know it seems a lot of money , though it's a bargain when you think about it , but someone out there deserves this one. Trade in your car for a cheaper model and test drive it round to soggs place[/quote] thanks for that, lets hope it ends up in the hands of someone that'll really appreciate her
  9. [quote name='bass_ferret' post='231463' date='Jul 2 2008, 04:34 PM']Thats sucks man - one of the nicest shukers I have seen. Cant you sell your kids into slavery or put the wife on the game?[/quote] the thought did cross my mind
  10. [size=4][font="Courier New"][center]having to have a clear out, need space and money, I hate having to get rid of stuff, this bass is a real beauty, John Shuker made it for me about 5 years ago now, its the elite which are his top end range of basses, its stunning, its never been gigged and has been lovingly looked after, its unmarked, and in immaculate condition, its a through neck multi-laminated, made of wenge predomently, and flame maple through the middle of the neck, with top grade quilted maple top and back, I went for gold schaler hardware, powerfull active EMG pickups, john put in active passive switch and along with his own electronics, you can get some great tones, the fretboard slops onto the body and I asked john if he would round the edges of the fretboard, so its a really comfy feel up and down the board, john said that wenge is a difficult wood to work, but lovely when finished, infact everything about this bass is top quality, I don't know what john is charging for these now, as his basses have become more popular and more well known, I paid £2200 for it, comes with flight case, been set up by another top luthuier just a few months ago, looking around £1100 mark open to offers though[/center][/font][/size]
  11. having to move on another cracking bass, as well as a great slapping bass, with its active and passive knob, this kicks ass, has its hall mark drop lever on the low E, maple neck, finished in metallic black, this thing never goes out of tune, I spoke to phil kubicki before I bought this bass as I had heard comments that there were differences between the fender custom and original kubicki's, phil suprised me explaining that apart from the six point active and passive knob, there was not a great deal different, I've also been informed that you could have the six point fitted anyway, these basses also seem few and far between in this country, check out harmonycentral reviews, its a really well built bass, looks great, quite a light bass good for gigging, have a look at you you tube see how they sound, vail johnson stu hamm,
  12. [quote name='MB1' post='230565' date='Jul 1 2008, 02:31 PM']MB1. A PINK PRICE?....BUMP![/quote] hi, I would like £1000-1100, think pretty reasonable, but I'm willing to bargain
  13. [quote name='phsycoandy' post='229923' date='Jun 30 2008, 06:35 PM']Is that an active "Roadie" model?[/quote] hi, no its the classic pearl, johns just finished the whole thing in pink on the head stock and where the through neck wood finish normally shows on the body by the pickup's, cheers soggs
  14. [quote name='Chris2112' post='229791' date='Jun 30 2008, 03:46 PM']That really is stunning! What a jaw-dropper! It's nice to see it has been kept in such good nick![/quote] thanks I will be sad when she's gone, soggs
  15. If your looking for a nice Jaydee this is the one, its pretty unusual as johns done it pink all over The bass is just over three years old, its also the sort after series 1, its in immaculate condition, not a mark on it, last year the man himself mr JD give it the once over for me, it's a pleasure to play the neck is really fast, the set up's great and it sound's amazing, I only wish I could keep it, had new strings battery etc, I have not gigged with it and I pretty sure the previous owner has'nt either, comes with JD case, I 'd like to try and get as much as I can for it obviously, as its in such good condition, looking at the prices and having spoken to john, think around £800-£1000 for it is pretty reasonable, if anyone interested get in touch and we can try and strike a deal.
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