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  1. Rig advice.

    [quote name='RhysP' timestamp='1490731315' post='3267532'] Do you use the enhance control set high on the amp? Apparently that can cause Eden amps to clip at relatively low volume levels because of the low frequency boost. [/quote] Thanks for your replies guys. The enhance isn't set to high, around one o'clock.
  2. Rig advice.

    Hi,Could you guys give me some advice on my set up please. I'm using two SWR Golights,1x12.(Rare I know) with an Eden wtx500. The problem I'm having is the band I play with are loud & I'm struggling to hold my own volume wise unless I'm Di'd. It sounds great at more reasonable volume but you know how excited these guitarists get, they get louder as the night goes on. I'm constantly battling with gain & clip lights. Any helpful advise would be great.