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  1. Thanks for your wisdom, Are those figures on the speakers?
  2. Thanks everyone, of course you're right I need to try them. I guess I was wondering if they might be more powerful (louder) than the SWR's I currently use with an Eden WTX 500. Sounds lovely but struggles to hold its own at loud volume.
  3. Hi, Does anyone use two 1 x15's these days? I have inherited 3 surprisingly light weight Trace Elliott's. I'm thinking of trying them out. I currently use 2 SWR 1 x 12's. Some advice would be great...
  4. jay bass, You are a hero. Thank you so much..
  5. Hi Everyone, Anyone got the dots for Starman please. TIA
  6. Wow, Bless you lozkerr! Thank you so much!!
  7. Thanks for your reply. I have looked at them but can't seem to download the pdf...☹️
  8. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the dots for Queens Hammer to fall please..
  9. Thanks for the input everyone, very helpful. I'll definitely look for a better quality lead next time (any suggestions). But I would like to say the issue is more a jack to socket fault & not a wire to jack issue....
  10. Could you wise folk lend me some wisdom please, How long do Jack leads last? I seem to need a new one every six months. Around that time I get a bad connection which creates cracking and banging through speakers. I had a new socket fitted to my Bass but it still happens, is this a regular thing??
  11. [quote name='RhysP' timestamp='1490731315' post='3267532'] Do you use the enhance control set high on the amp? Apparently that can cause Eden amps to clip at relatively low volume levels because of the low frequency boost. [/quote] Thanks for your replies guys. The enhance isn't set to high, around one o'clock.
  12. Hi,Could you guys give me some advice on my set up please. I'm using two SWR Golights,1x12.(Rare I know) with an Eden wtx500. The problem I'm having is the band I play with are loud & I'm struggling to hold my own volume wise unless I'm Di'd. It sounds great at more reasonable volume but you know how excited these guitarists get, they get louder as the night goes on. I'm constantly battling with gain & clip lights. Any helpful advise would be great.
  13. Gripbass


    Does anyone have transcription of 'cum on feel the noize' by slade please.
  14. Yeah, havin trouble uploading a photo, I'll keep trying.
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