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  1. Thank you for your opinions. I have decieded to buy a BH800 and sell the BQ.
  2. Hi! Thank you and thank you for your answer. In my mind the booth heads are set flat and they run through the same cab. I’m just curious if someone has compared them because I’m thinking about maybe buying a BH head. /Bottesini
  3. Hello! I recently bought a Tc electronic BQ500 which I run through a Markbass 210 cab and I have a BG250 115 kombo. I like them both but I think that the BQ sounds a bit moore rough/raw compared the BG. Now to my question. If i run a BQ head and BH head through the same cab (Markbass 210) would they produce the same sound or is it a difference in how they sound? /Bottesini
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