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  1. We do! I’d recommend giving it a go. The right pick ups can really bring a cheap bass to life. These certainly did for me in this video!
  2. Hey guys! A while back I posted a review of a $70 bass I was sent on here. Shortly after a company from the states called Sonic Pickups sent me some of their jazz bass pickups to install. Here's the review. For me I think the sonics sound much richer, fuller, fatter and have a bigger sonic (excuse the pun) range than the pickups that came with the Glarry. Would love to hear what you guys think! Hugh
  3. Hey guys! I hope everyone is well. I just published a new video on how to learn songs quickly. It's been a really useful skill during my career so I thought I'd share some tips. Take a look and let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBqmUz-8jT4 Cheers, Hugh!
  4. That is literally the dream DI hahaha Thanks so much for your kind words and support
  5. It is a drawback for sure. The Jule Monique has this feature but you do pay way more for it. You make a great point I must say. How suitable a DI is really does depend on how it fits into your gig set up. As I said in the video, if you’re one of the guys who tours with just a DI and in ears then you don’t have to worry about the through. You can get the DI sound the same as the front of house. However, if you’re an amp guy (who doesn’t love a good amp 😜) then maybe something else is better. So glad you enjoyed the video!
  6. I’ve not tried the countryman but I’d love to if I get the chance. How long have you had it? You’re spot on about the REDDI. I mostly use it for recording and theatre gigs where I know it will be in one place for a long time. However, when I do travel with it I use a VERY protective case! So glad you liked the video
  7. Hey guys! I've pitted all my DI's against one another for the ULTIMATE DI shoot out! They range from $200 all the way up to $1700 and full of audio clips for you to hear them in action. Which of these five do you like best? Cheers, Hugh!
  8. Yeah they sent me this one to keep but it's a standard model they make. I wasn't involved in the design or anything. In terms of use I'd want to modify it a little before I use it to try and address some of the balance issues it has but I think it's useable for sure. Funnily enough a pickup maker from the states got in touch and has sent me some of his pickups to put in so I'm going to do an upgrade video with this bass so I can compare before and after. If I end up with a bass that sounds great and all in only cost me about $300/400 then I'd be very happy. I'm really interested to see how it turns out!
  9. Haha nice man! Good to connect on here. You’re totally right though. It’s not snobby, you’re just acknowledging where you are and what you think. Cheers for for checking out the video!
  10. Totally get you. As I mention in the video, this isn't a bass for everyone but rather a specific group like beginners or modifiers. If you want a sturdy more pro bass then this isn't the option for you.
  11. It's an interesting find for sure. I was actually sent this by Glarry (the maker) but you can buy them from the Glarry website. I've linked in the video description but you can also find them through a quick Google search. I've not had a chance to measure out exact specs of the pick ups but they look close if not exactly the same to me. If you're good with tools you could always expand if you need to. The neck is definitely wider than a fender jazz. Certainly a lot wider than my Sadowsky Jazz and Fender P bass. The thick finger board contributes to that! Frets are even height and not too sharp. The edge of the neck feels a little sharp but again you can sand these down or have a repair person do that for you. Weight wise it does feel quite light but the weight distribution is more of an issue for me. As I mentioned in the video it's neck heavy. Haven't had a chance to pull the electronics apart yet so not sure what was causing the earthing issue. Hope this helps! Hugh
  12. Hey guys A company called Glarry that makes budget instruments sent me a J Bazz which costs £70 so I made a video review. Ive been really amazed at how good this bass is for the money you pay. Take a look and let me know what you think!
  13. I'd love to do a video on that. Like you I feel it's a super important topic. I'll get some ideas together, shoot the lesson and post in here once it's done
  14. Hey guys, I just posted a video on my best four books for musicians. These are good ones in my opinion but I'd love to hear what you guys think! Let me know what you think! Enjoy, Hugh
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