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  1. Painted necks

    Those chrome things on old Fenders

    Zero Frets


    Single Cut

    Stingray 5 string pickguard

    White pickups

    Anything that looks like a bit of antique furniture

    Knobs with numbers on

    Tort and Pearl Pickguard

    Fanned Frets - never played one though

    Warwick Thumb - that top horn looks a bit.... I leave it to you to guess.

    The original Wal body shape 

    Short scale necks - come on it's a bass! 

    Gibson EB


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  2. AC/DC - Powerage - just the best collection of raucous hard rock n roll ever. Riff Raff and Gone Shootin - epic.

    I got stuck trying to get out of Reading when we had that load of snow in late 2010, left work at 5 got home at 11.30 (20 miles) I had this on most of the time in the car - made the whole thing rather enjoyable. 

    Stevie Ray Vaughn - Couldn't Stand the Weather. 




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  3. I could hear bass and drums on the Stones effort, neither of which appeared to be in evidence from the vid's. Charlie was just farting around which was somewhat amusing.  

    Elton and McCartney sounded terrible, Stevie Wonder - great.

  4. A couple of weeks ago, on the Sunday morning after a rather good gig, I woke up and remembered a dream; this is unusual for me.

    It went like this.... Arnold Schwarzenegger was in my house, he picked up my bass, dropped it and the neck snapped...That's it.

    Given that Arnie has clear links to the end of the world as we know it perhaps someone was trying to tell me something?








  5. What long term damage is this is going to do for live music in pubs, social clubs etc? Are we prepared to gig for less money or even free for venues that will have lost so much revenue by the time this is all over? It's possible that the damage done will reduce further the venues available for bands, I don't have a good feeling about any of it.



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  6. Gig last night at The Cannon in Guildford, played there a few times - normally a good crowd - last night was a bit sparse. Played ok for the most part. The band did get a bit loud, the drummer broke a stick - we were looking at the guitarist - wasn't me gov!

    Gig on Friday (different band) was a multi band thing at the Railway in Winchester. We were first on and did 1/2 hour then followed by four other bands. Slightly odd cos we do function band dance, soul, pop etc - not quite sure why we were there - other than hoping for more work. The other bands were young chaps doing noisy stuff - but rather entertaining. We appeared to go down quite well in an environment and audience that were not really there for us. 

  7. Played in a large pub near Crawley, done this one a couple of times before this year and its a bit useless as a music venue. First set 9.30 to 10.30 - a relatively indifferent reception but we played well. Second set much more like it. went on at 11 played till just before 12.00 did the countdown to 2020 and launched straight into....Sex on Fire (yes I know) but people love it, finished with Simply the Best. Got home a 2.00. 

    Looking forward to the first practice with my other band on Sunday 5th - first activity with this lot since a gig in Sept - due to guitarist difficulties. 

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  8. There was no problem with external sound interfering with the Bass workshop room - but that's just my view - I was actually there for quite a while. Particularly not an issue with Paul Geary and his son making a rather lovely noise in a small room.  



  9. I didn't think it was that noisy; It was a lot less of a slapfest than I thought it would be. It was my first visit so can't compare to past events. I spent a lot of time in the bass workshop room and didn't find noise from the hall was a problem - the lack of space and no air-con was. I would go again, the cost of the ticket got me a decent amount of time listening to and learning from four top pros - this was the main reason for going. I'm never likely to turn up and walk out with a £2k bass, maybe a set of stings..






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