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  1. If you're playing in the band for fun, and it's stopped being fun, it's time to leave in my opinion. Life's too short. That's not to say you should bolt after one or two  bad gigs or rehersals, but if it's become the norm, what are you getting out of it?

    If the band forms a significant part of your income, then that's a bit different...

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  2. I have one similar to this (a 1A), and they'er great basses. Built like tanks, and have a wide tonal pallete.  For the money, it's ridiculous and will out perform basses costing much more than this.

    If I didn't have one I would be very tempted. GLWTS.

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  3. On 09/11/2018 at 22:37, loweringthetone said:

    Worth saying I use a double four regularly as a small session amp, and unlike most PJB stuff Ive tried , it gives a nice old school sound.

    Its light, portable, and because it's 20v , you can run it off a laptop battery.

    Hope this is useful.

    Yes, thanks for your comments. I must admit I haven't tried it with a battery, but yes, that's possible too. 

    Great little amp, still available!

  4. Yes, it's the complete package! A veritable bass banquet bonanza of upright lovelyness. All you could ever need!*

    Upright bass, a very sturdy stand, hard case, padded plush gig bag, a bow, and some rosin!


    * Except the amp of course**

    ** Although if you do need a fantastic practice amp to get the most out of this attractive upright, then I may be able to help out with that too...

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