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  1. Hello,I've got an Ashdown MAG 210T Slim cabinet connected with an Ampeg PF-350 head and I'm looking to get a lighter and possibly smaller cab for playing at home with a Jazz bass. I came across a GK Neo 112 II on auction which seems good in terms of weight/volume but it's similar size. What's the opinion/experience on these and how would it compare to the Ashdown or similar. Any suggestions for a better option/brand to look at? Thanks in advance, Chris
  2. Thanks for all the info and the link, they're very helpful. Another option which popped up when researching this is the type of wood. Obviously ebony was the first option but then I found out about bloodwood as well and from what I gather it is a great option for fretless and it looks great due to its reddish color. Has anyone here tried it and how would you compare it to ebony?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking into replacing the fretboard from my trashy 6-string fretless and wanted to ask for an opinion first. The reason I want to replace the fretboard is because it's uneven and also because it's rosewood. Of course this is also for fun and a learning experience as this was a really cheap bass I got off an auction on ebay. In addition I may try to replace or fix the truss rod because the sides are damaged and allen keys won't "grab" onto it. First of all I googled for fretboards and at first glance there weren't any which is logical since it's not very common to replace one. This lead me to the thought of asking a luthier to build one but I'm worried about the cost of an ebony fretboard for a 6 string and also is the procedure for a fretless the same as a fretted one? Thanks in advance. Chris.
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