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  1. Power amp is now gone! How about a 'preamp is still available' bump?!
  2. Is it fiesta red? Or just purely red? Looks sick!
  3. This beautiful amp is still available! Any takers??? Really itching for some MarkBass gear if anyone would like to trade!! Preferably a combo
  4. Nobody want to take this beautiful rig off my hands?? Any free bumps??
  5. Price drop bump! Power amp- £380 Preamp- £450 Tuner- £150 Postage is looking to be around the £50 mark Get in touch if you are interested!
  6. Any bumps on this beauty?? Everything has been price dropped as I am in the market for a new rig ASAP! PM for details.
  7. Now willing to take offers on breaking this beauty up! PM me if interested
  8. Also note i'm not really interested in trades as the money will hopefully go towards a new rig...but if you have a nice Sadowsky and catch me on a good day, it might be worth a shot!
  9. Time has come to sell my beautiful SWR rig. I've had the setup for a few years now, but it doesn't get the use that it deserves! It has been gigged less that 10 times in its life and is in 'like new' condition. As you can see from the photos, it comes rack mounted in a sturdy SKB 12U case. I would like to sell this as one piece if possible, but if I have trouble doing so, I might consider breaking them up. It has a rack mounted power strip on the reverse, with custom length power cables to keep them tidy. Included in the sale is the 2U rack drawer as seen under the power amp- it is amazingly handy for leads and housing the foot-switch for the preamp, which is included. Also included in the sale is the Korg TU2000 rack mount tuner. Very handy piece of gear and amazing quality again (very nice with the Preamps tuner out, which is still operational when the mute switch is engaged). The Volvox patch leads/speakon sadly are not included in the sale as they will be going into my next rig. This rig sounds great, and it truly top quality gear! *NOTE* As I am from Northern Ireland please factor this in, as shipping will be on top of the list price and this is rather heavy if sold as one unit! Feel free to message me for a quote. Thanks.
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