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  1. Could be an issue since that screw is long gone. But I did manage to tighten the saddles and test that part. The issues goes on. Besides, it happens on certain strings, not all of them (of the strings that go that saddle). I am starting to thing that I should visit a really experienced repairer. (For the story, I put a fresh new set of Dunlop MM super brights. After setting up the action/intonation I hear that noise on E and B strings. Things are getting intense
  2. Through all the great suggestions of all the kind members of this forum, I think that its probable that I deal with bad strings. Which is sad to hear. I hardly expect to get replacement strings from DR or Dunlop here in my country.
  3. Nope. The noise is everywhere i fret and on open string. And the action is big. First thing I check. Thank u
  4. I do play hard ALL the strings. Only the A string sounds weird. I replaced it with an old A string (same gauge) to check and the rattling is gone. But I do know that I will come across the same issue again.
  5. Probably a worn string, or maybe some little detail noone will ever find out. I am worried mostly because I've come across the same issue several times in the past. So, could it be that its so easy to find bad strings? I mainly use DR and Dunlop both of which I consider to be quality products
  6. I checked that spring and it was firm. I played while touching it to see if there'd be any effect but it seemed to be irrelevant. The weird rattling kept going. I did change the string for an older one and the rattling is gone. So either some strings cause this bad effect, or I do something weird when winding those strings. But, why just the A string?
  7. Could be the answer, but I've had the exact same issue with a new set of strings. So I always think of it of a bass issue. Maybe I am wrong and I just happened to get a bad string some times. Which would be unfortunate
  8. I bend the string a bit before the cut so as to prevent a damage on the string!
  9. I think everything is firm in that section! thanks for info !
  10. I just tried an older A (85) string. It's tappered the same way (I use this style, DRs or Dunlop for a long time). But the rattling is gone. The end of the taper is almost identical, only a bit longer (Check the red mark on the old photo). Could this "a bit longer" made the difference? I can't believe it's a bad string since I've met this issues several times even with new strings. Weird
  11. So maybe I am cutting the strings too short? I'll try to test this. Thank u
  12. I think that this could be the suspect but G&Ls got that pressing peg (string tree) for E and A strings. Shouldn't this be enough? (Tried and did what you suggested. The noise stays there whatever I do)
  13. Checked those screws. They are firm right now, work fine and have no effect when adjusting them. I really can't tell what this sound could be
  14. I am having a weird noise coming out of my A string. Sounds like a spring playing along my string. In the link (or file) you can hear me repeating the open E, G, A . I believe you can hear that noise when the A comes in. My bass is a G&L L2500 tribute (indonesian). I 've come across the same issue for some years and I believe once it was my E string that had the noise. Any ideas on how to fix it? I've tried to lower/raise the bridge action of this string but the noise stayed. And I rule out a fret issue since i hear it even on open string and my action is prety high. string.mp3
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