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  1. Should have updated this earlier, I've committed to buying an SGC Nanyo Bass Collection from this site actually. The red sold me. Hopefully it suits me well. Thanks all for your suggestions. I'll keep them in mind while I build my collection I used to live in Edinburgh. I miss it. Especially all those weird Polish meat shops on Leith Walk.
  2. lol Bert, thanks. If I had that kind of money I'm sure I'd be buying new basses whenever they were out of tune Thanks for the welcome.
  3. bassintheface: Shameless advertising there Haha. I couldn't buy it anyway as it is pickup and not delivered. Shame on you! No I understand but still, that is a very nice bass.
  4. [quote name='fatback' timestamp='1363788950' post='2017626'] ranty, flamey politico-religious thread.. [/quote] That's my bag, baby.
  5. [quote name='bluejay' timestamp='1363785164' post='2017543'] I believe that the sound is made by the way you play your instrument, and the effects you use - if any - more than by the actual make of bass. Think about this: Metallica's Rob - Warwick. Ex-Metallica Jason - Sadowsky. Megadeth's David - Jackson. Maiden's Steve - Fender... that's quite a varied list. And some of those bassists play with a pick. That, according to Ellefson, helps the bass sound cut through the guitars in the mix, as does upping the treble and mids as opposed to the bass. [/quote] Excellent, thank you for your thoughtful reply, I just wasn't sure as I've only ever played big, heavy basses
  6. So many to choose from. Maybe I'll up the budget from 400 to 10,000 and get all of them? Who needs a car anyway? I've had a look around and like the look of the Danelectro's, Ibanez SR series and Squier Classic Vibe basses. I've found a few decent models for sale on ebay though I haven't checked the 'for sale' section of this site yet. A quick question if any would care to answer: can precision, jazz type bass models play all kinds of music? I would like to play a lot of metal if possible so am looking for versatility and that 'crunchy' metal sound, I'm not sure what kind of bass would have this as well as being lightweight etc. Sorry if this seems like an easy, common sense question!
  7. [quote name='MiltyG565' timestamp='1363781399' post='2017432'] Make another post, before somebody makes a joke about your post count! [/quote] You shouldn't have said that. It might have gone idly by without being noticed Thanks for the welcome everybody, this seems like a really friendly site. Tried playing my old bass not long ago and it's so out of tune. Ugh. Feels like I'm starting all over again. Oh well, maybe a new bass, tuner and amp will get the fires going. Also, Milty, Derren Brown is a legend!
  8. [quote name='SpaceChick' timestamp='1363772187' post='2017196'] Oi enough of the old!!!!!! I'm still a heck of a lot younger than you matey!! (Although far older than you Jessica, I'm 39 and started playing the bass last year following an early mid life crisis! LOL!) [/quote] Haha! You sound like my kind of woman Milty I don't drink tea, coffee or beer, lol. I'll just go sit by the amp and sip my water!
  9. [quote name='Acebassmusic' timestamp='1363766490' post='2017103'] Howdy do from Aberdeen! [/quote] A fellow Aberdonian Thanks for the welcome, guys! *EDIT* A-ha, and girls. Knew one would show up eventually
  10. Thanks all for your suggestions! I'll look into them. Found an [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]SGC Nanyo on Ebay for pretty cheap, but I'll keep a lookout.[/font][/color]
  11. Part of the reason why I stopped playing bass years ago was that the bass I played was far too heavy for my stature. I'm a slender, 5'6 (okay, 5'5 1/2) woman and I'm looking to make an investment in a solid, lightweight model. I really don't know where to start looking although my mind jumped to a Squire Vintage Jaguar? I faintly remember this model being mentioned by a friend of mine for its lightweight-ness. My budget is up to 400 pounds, preferably around 200 but I'm willing to stretch it to get a decent model that will last me a good while. Any ideas? Also sorry if this is a redundant topic, I blame my noob status on here preemptively.
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