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  1. Where the hell is Sibob...? Cog stuff is great, I had a T65 with added low pass filters going into -1 and natural signal. Great kit, didn't find any bleed from the octave up. Moved it on as I have enough real estate for my Hog.
  2. Interesting. There's also not the 'usual' posters on here from what I remember a few years back. Has BC changed a bit?
  3. The effects for sale section seems really slow, have we all traded everything and no longer in the market or is it just too close to Christmas?
  4. Bump. Two pretty good pedals here at decent prices.
  5. Pike Vulcan Overdrive £125 with box and all the trimmings, has velcro on base. Xotic Bass BB preamp £100. Smoke free, pet free, mark free pedals. Prices include postage to UK Mainland only.
  6. Hi guys As title says, a decent rig going cheap for your back up or noise needs. Not in best visual condition but kicks out a decent tone and volume - not gonna lie, the 1000w is loud but doesn't really translate to the numbers - but having that extra headroom helps contain gain easily. The drivers are 15' in good condition, no rips or distortion, they run in series and got ins and outs marked. They were once a Acoustic 406 and have been chopped by previous owner. So two 15' now for easier transport. Had these on eBay and got mucked about loads. These are pick up from Romford, 2min from the M25/A12 junction. Just looking to sell no trades. Only thing I ask is consider how you'll pick these up, I don't want to take them to post office as not enough time to stand in line. Amp weights 15.7kg dimensions:W19',D13',H7'. Each speaker cabinet weighs around 20kg, W26.5' D12', H21'. Selling together for £200.
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