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  1. Thanks for everyones input It is much appreciated...Does anyone have thoughts on the different pick up configurations ? I am leaning towards the H mainly because it wont take me too far out of my comfort zone & I am not sure that the HH won't get a bit overcrowded with options !
  2. The desire.... Nay !!! The need bordering on the primeval & lustful has overcome me. I can think of nothing but bongo 5 H's. Is this ?[list=1] [*]A recognised condition. [*]Curable. [*]Unusual. [*]A love that should be embraced. [*]A sin & should be ignored. [/list] Any pros & cons from Bongoists (Is that a word ?) or Non Bongoites (Not sure about that one either) On the Impending purchase of said beast would be appreciated. Regards & thanks in advance.
  3. Hiya Guys I am a complete Noob to this forum malarky so please excuse any unintentional gaffs. It seems that compared to the majority of people on this "Fab & Groovy" site I am perhaps a little long in the tooth to be taking part in any deep & meaningful discussions about Hi-tech gear & the latest whizz bang basses etc... When I first started out on the low end quest all boxes were big ! all amps gave you a hernia ! & if a Bass player slapped something he was american .... If an english guy slapped something it was usually the guitar player who had just spilled a pint of Irelands finest down the vent of his Sound City valve infested horsebox sized amp. Oh yes! The radio was where you learned songs from & it was still called the wireless by your Mom. Downloading a tune required two bus rides & braving the threshold of the local Vinyl emporium only to be told that the album you were looking for would have to be specially ordered. So given that my impending senility is making its way towards me at a pace that cannot be seen by the naked eye. I thought it was time to join the modern world & at least make an effort to join the frankly bemusing world of current bass thinking & computers. This site is a revelation & I have thoroughly enjoyed marching through its bustling corridors like a child in a sweet shop. I have already taken a plunge into the "small can be good" mentality with my recent purchase of a T.C. Electronics RH450.I am now looking at Barefaced Midget cabs & drooling at the prospect of ownership. My current basses are Peavey Cirrus 5.Squier VMJ 5.& of course my old faithful 70s Ibanez Roadster. Thanks a lot guys Keep on Funkin & see you on the road.
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