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  1. [quote name='james_guitar' timestamp='1508347292' post='3391585'] Where are you based Damien? [/quote] Also, hi James!
  2. [quote name='james_guitar' timestamp='1508347292' post='3391585'] Where are you based Damien? [/quote] Marlow, Buckinghamshire but I’m down in Bristol/Somerset area reasonably regularly Should have put that in the post really
  3. bump and [b]price drop £350 collected, £375 posted ONO[/b]
  4. DB112NT cab now sold DB112 still available
  5. -SOLD PLEASE REMOVE - I gig so rarely these days I've decided to downgrade my rig to something smaller Selling both my Aguilar DB112 cabs - 1 SOLD DB112 - PRICE DROP £310 collected, £330 posted The cab is in very good condition and in full working order, sounds amazing and is plenty loud. The padded cover is pretty worn in places but does the job, and has protected the cab well. pm any questions specs: One 12" cast frame woofer, 56 oz. magnet Phenolic tweeter with integral phase plug Custom crossover with variable tweeter control One Neutrik Speakon and two 1/4" inputs Deluxe Strap Handle, Rubber Feet, 13 ply Baltic Birch 3 year limited Warranty Power Handling: 300 watts RMS Frequency Response: 42 Hz - 16 kHz Sensitivity: 95 dB 1W 1M Impedance: 8 ohms Dimensions: 14" H, 19" W, 19" D Weight: 45 lbs (cab for Sale is on the right)
  6. Aguilar Agro Pedal

    Good condition Aguilar Agro pedal for sale, a few small scratches on the sides but in full working order £90 shipped!
  7. Funk/Soul fill breakdown

    Here is part 2 with the breakdown of the individual fills! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YOLD3yMTWE
  8. Funk/Soul fill breakdown

    [quote name='Lord Sausage' timestamp='1353151138' post='1872079'] That's some good playing, really good. I just think in places it's a bit much for fills, it's more solo playing, especially for soul! [/quote] This is not how I'd play it on a gig, It's more of a demonstration of fills so I tried to get one in each cycle. One of these fills will pop up once every now and again, but for the purpose of the video I've crammed them all into 2 minutes. Thanks for the feedback though! Although watching it back there is one in the middle that I'd have trouble getting away with haha!