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  1. For sale my new Mensinger Cazpar (Maruszczyk) 30" bass. 


    I bought it in a part exchange deal 2 months ago. I also got another short scale and I don't need 2.


    I'm looking for a sale, if it is a trade, I am looking for something very specific and could add my Maruszczyk Fretless to the deal. 



    I am looking for a very specific bass for trade:

    5 string single cut, 32" or 33", 16 to 17mm spacing at the bridge, 45mm at the nut, max. 





  2. 22 minutes ago, Isabass said:

    What's about the weight?

    HI, I don't know, but it's the lightest instrument I have, that's for sure. Lighter than my American AVRI Fender, for example. 


    Right now, the bass is with my Luthier, for a full setup. I will check the weight when it returns. 

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