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  1. Hi I' selling a Triton Fretless 5 from Sebastien Aquilina (a french bass maker). The specs: Diapason: 870mm Neck thru Micro delano Chevalet Hipshot Mécanique Gotoh Elec: préamp John East 3.5 kgs : 7.7lb Pics : [url="http://imageshack.us/g/1/9786251/"]http://imageshack.us/g/1/9786251/[/url] Price: 1500€ or 1220£ Best regards. Hugues.
  2. Hi I'm selling a jerzy Drozd Excellency 6 strings near mint: Bolt on neck Etimoe body flamed maple top, Neck 3 parts ebony fretboard, 35'' satin finish, OBP-3 preamp, (vol, bal, bass, med, treb) pick-ups JeDXS (single split-coil avec aimants neodimium)chrome plated hardware, Mécaniques Gotoh Strap lock case included Thanks.
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