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  1. Hi, yes it's still for sale if you're interested.
  2. Pretty old but works fine. Prefer collection from Windsor.
  3. Does what it does. Very light (6lbs) and includes case. Has heaphones jack and aux input so you could practice quietly.
  4. Fender USA jazz bass from around 2016/2017. I bought it second hand and can’t remember the exact upgrades but they include bare knuckle pups, the badass bridge, and something done to the tone controls- I can’t think what it was but you’ll probably be able to tell if you try it out. Not sure if it’s related or a small fault but at around 9 on the volume, the sound will cut out- this doesn’t really bother me but obviously it may affect your decision whether to buy it so I’m just letting you know. The bass is pristine otherwise barring a tiny amount of wear on the back but you can judge in the pics. I’m keeping the case so have lowered the price, but this means I won’t be able to post. I can meet very local to Windsor, Coventry or South East London, and not interested in trades. any questions please ask. Cheers!
  5. This is a great sounding bass which plays lovely and has a wide range of sounds with the s1 switch. The neck plays silky smooth and easily, but the action isn’t too low. There is a crack in the paint near the heel and a patched up blot on the top edge above the pickups but these are purely cosmetic and barely noticeable. I’ve pictured them so you can see and I’m sure whoever sees the bass won’t be bothered at all about them. It was made around 60th anniversary but I don’t think it’s the special limited edition version. It has the info on the headstock and backplate including some sort of diamond. It includes a hardcase and I can post at your expense via bank transfer but I would really prefer collection local to either Windsor, South East London or Coventry.
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