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  1. Thanks to everybody who showed an interest - this is now sold.
  2. I am quite happy to consider shipping - there was someone else interested in the bass who asked about this. I will message you and we can have a chat.
  3. Thanks for the positive comments - much appreciated Will be sorry to see it go but the time has come...
  4. 2006 (Z6 serial) Fender Jazz with S1 switch. Shoreline Gold. Maple neck. Comes with the original Fender hard case. I got this in a trade with doctorbass on Basschat a few years ago but the time has come for me to move it on: I am not really looking for trades but I would consider a decent 6-string acoustic (as long as it does not have a narrow nut). Very good condition – when I bought it doctorbass was very clear about condition and said “It’s got one very small ding on the top front edge of the headstock and a tiny one on the back of the neck which is one of those you can feel if you are looking for it and lightly run a finger over it.” I have checked it over and can’t find any other knocks or dings anywhere – and the ones Mark mentions are very minor. I don’t have scales but I would rate it as mid-weight: sorry if that isn’t too helpful – I will see if I can track down some scales to give a better idea. The straplocks I fitted have been taken off and the originals put back on – there are a few bits of case candy. Other, older photos are also available – if you want any more, just let me know and I will email them Let me know if you have any questions – happy to add info if it is needed. Neil
  5. Hello Darwin, I had also forgotten that the new site lost all the details - including location! I am in Sunderland and I would be prepared to post. Cheers, Neil
  6. Link to photos: https://imgbox.com/gallery/edit/cUKJn3ktBO/hJ6XDnNerzEmsJo6
  7. Hope this link to photos works! https://imgbox.com/gallery/edit/OjqIXpTqB5/6062p629vvjAb8Sh
  8. Will get on to sorting pictures as soon as I can - off to the dentist then work now!
  9. Forgot about this - so a bump back up to the top!
  10. Time for a bump - I have had a couple of enquiries but this is still on the market...
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