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  1. Hey I was a bass player and member of this forum for u number of years before packing it all in. After re-thinking life in general I'm thinking about purchasing s bass once again. Big p bass fan but going to scout out for a jack casady if I can get one (or something similar) for a fair price. This all depends on the permanent work situation. So hello again bass chat, let's hope something comes from this.
  2. OK can't get pics to load. hang tight..... ....Can't manage to get pics up. PM for pics in the meantime.
  3. packed up and ready to be shipped out, must go. £20 for the postage.
  4. Laney RB7 for sale. One of my last items to go. here's some gumf [url="http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/30289-laney-rb7-richter-bass-combo-kickback-cabinet-300-watts-2x10.html"]http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/3028...watts-2x10.html[/url] Great Sounding amp. I have to admit the fan is a little loud. Used but in good condition. No tears in fur but a few scuffs. Other than that a little killer. Lets say £100 picked up form Royal Harrogate Spa. Offers welcome. Will consider swapping for really good tiny but sexy practice amp/acoustic bass/violin bass. Pics to follow. Questions?
  5. head still availble and can be posted if buyer sorts.
  6. Head on hold. Offers for the cab.....any offers?
  7. Bump with love. Has to go. Throw in a Laney RB7 into the mix. Lets say £100 for the Laney.
  8. Bump, £300 for the lot. email me.
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