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  1. Price reduced: £180
  2. For Sale Empress Compressor. Excellent physical and working condition. The price includes postal charges. Best regards from Makarska.
  3. For sale 6 Gotoh tuners for bass guitar, gold. Tuners have been used and there are traces of use. In excellent working condition. 60£ including EU shipping. Greeting from Croatia.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. For Sale NEW Joseph Bass Scroll Cut 5. Wings: mahagony padouk Neck: wenge, padouk, maple Fretboard: Wenge Seymore duncan pickup and preamp. Volume push/pool a/p Pan pot for pickup coil Bass - treble stacked Tone control passive Paralel/serial switch Boost slap switch Sound like Musicman Stingray. Easy to play. Hard case included. Free shipping!!!
  6. Bump for excellent boxes at a great price 👍
  7. For Sale 3Leaf Audio Wonderlove envelope filter. The pedal is in perfect condition. Shipping included.
  8. For sale Glockenklang Heart Rock bass amp. In good condition, works great. Info at [email protected] or in inbox. Greeting from Croatia
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