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  1. [quote name='casapete' post='79248' date='Oct 25 2007, 09:48 AM']Hard to say without pics etc, but I've seen them go starting from around the £250 mark upwards. The older vinyl covered combos seem to be more in favour than the later fur covered ones too! Good luck.[/quote] Thanks, that’s interesting. It is the vinyl covered one. It’s a great amp, just too heavy!
  2. Hey, I have a 92 Trace GP12 4x10 and ive been asked if I would sell it… Trouble is that I have no idea what its worth! If its very Iittle I should probably try and keep it as a spare, otherwise I may. I replaced two of the speakers with new celestions, it’s the 250 watt version and has been super reliable though I havent used it for a little bit as I now use a bassman 50 head and cab. It has been looked after by the gf's dad who contracted for trace and he thinks it’s a good one. Its seen some action but its not battered like many. Any ideas appreciated!
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